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locations of pitches locative art locative case locative cases locative inversion locative media locative predications locator beacon locator software loch monster lochaber axe locicortolone dicibate lock and dam lock and key lock and key hypothesis lock and key party lock and load lock and weir lock body lock boxes lock bumping lock contention lock convoy lock escalation lock flight lock flights lock forward lock gates lock gear lock granularity lock groove lock grooves lock in lock ins lock jaw lock keeper lock key lock manager lock nut lock of hair lock on lock operator lock out lock outs lock paddle lock pick lock picking lock picks lock puzzle lock puzzles lock reaches lock ring lock rings lock staircase lock step lock stitch lock strategy lock superintendent lock system lock time lock trim lock up lock value block lock-based synchronization lock-free algorithms lock-free and wait-free algorithms lock-in amplifier lock-in amplifiers lock-loch merger lock-out chamber lock-out chip lock-up detainee abuse scandal locked and bolted chamber locked apartment locked breech locked canal locked down locked groove locked grooves locked in locked in combat locked nucleic acid locked out locked out the players locked room locked room mysteries locked room mystery locked vortex flow locked-in syndrome locked-in value locked-room mystery locker room locker rooms locking device locking differential locking differentials locking force locking hubs locking mechanism locking mechanisms locking out locking scale locking tailwheel locking tremolo systems locking washers locking-in effects lockout chip lockout chip technology lockout season lockout shortened lockout shortened season lockout-shortened season locks of their hair locks up lockstep marching lockstep protocol lockup torque converter loclal government loco airline loco moco locomotion in animals locomotion of fish locomotive air horns locomotive and multiple unit classification locomotive bed locomotive change locomotive classification lights locomotive depot locomotive depots locomotive engine locomotive engineer locomotive engineers locomotive engines locomotive frame locomotive frames locomotive repair shop locomotive shed locomotive superintendent locomotive that won the war locomotive torpedo locomotive turntable locomotive wheel arrangements locomotive works locomotives acquired from that railway's contractor locomotives designation locomotor activity locomotor apparatus locomotor ataxia locomotor ataxy locomotor system locrian major scales locrian mode locum tenens locus amoenus locus ceruleus locus classicus locus coeruleus locus communis locus control region locus cæruleus locus delicti locus in quo locus niger locus of control locus of points locus pericoeruleus locus poenitentiae locus sigilli locus standi locus theologicus locus typicus locust bean locust bean gum locust beans locust pose locust species locust swarm locust-bean gum locusta migratoria locutionary act lode gold lode mine lode mining lodge officers lodgement areas lodgepole pine lodging facilities lodging house lodging houses loess deposits loess plateau loessial soil lofi folk loft apartment loft apartments loft bed loft beds loft bombing loft condominiums loft condos loft developments loft jazz loft style apartments and offices loft style housing loft-style apartment loft-style condominiums loft-style housing lofty tree log analysis log analyzers log barge log barnand log base i log boat log boat ride log booked log boom log booms log bridge log bridges log bucking log building log cabin log cabins log canoe log canoes log chasm log chop log church log chutes log construction log drive log driver log drivers log drives log driving log drum log drums log entry log fence log file log files log floating log flume log flume log flumes log format log gums log her out log home log homes log house log house moulder log houses log in log jam log jams log keystrokes log likelihoods log line log loader log lodge log mean temperature difference log messages log mill log n log normal distribution log of claims log off log on log out log pages log paper log periodic antenna log periodic antennas log periodic dipole array log phase log piles log pressure coordinates log raft log rafting log rafts log ratio log ratios log rolling log sawing log scale log school log server log shaking sequence log space log splitters log splitting log stackers log sum inequality log wind profile log xylophone log-Levy distributions log-crib dam log-flume ride log-likelihood function log-likelihood ratio log-likelihood ratio test log-likelihood ratios log-linear model log-linear modeling log-log graph log-log graphs log-log plot log-logistic distribution log-normal distribution log-normally distributed log-periodic antenna log-periodic antennae log-space reducible log-space reduction log-space reductions log-structured file system log-structured file systems log-structured filesystem log-structured filesystems logaoedic dactyls logarithm function logarithm of a matrix logarithm of base 2 logarithm of the likelihood logarithm table logarithm tables logarithm to the base 10 logarithmic distribution series distribution logarithmic series distribution logarithmic algorithm logarithmic barrier functions logarithmic branching logarithmic converter logarithmic derivative logarithmic derivatives logarithmic distribution logarithmic fit logarithmic form logarithmic function logarithmic functions logarithmic height logarithmic integral logarithmic integral function logarithmic inversion logarithmic mean logarithmic measure logarithmic memory space logarithmic norm logarithmic operations logarithmic phase logarithmic residue logarithmic returns logarithmic scale logarithmic scales logarithmic score function logarithmic sines logarithmic singularity logarithmic space logarithmic spiral logarithmic spirals logarithmic tables logarithmic time scale logarithmic timeline logarithmic unit logarithmic units logarithmic wind profile logarithmic-space many-one reduction logarithmically concave function logarithmically convex logarithmically convex function logger sports loggerhead sea turtle loggerhead sea turtles loggerhead shrike loggerhead shrikes loggerhead turtle loggerhead turtles logging activities logging bee logging boom logging boots logging camp logging camps logging companies logging events logging in logging industry logging keystrokes logging mills logging out logging railroad logging railroads logging railways logging road logging roads logging stations logging tools logging while drilling logic algebras logic analyzer logic analyzer probe logic analyzers logic and ontology logic and provability logic board logic bomb logic bombs logic chip logic circuit logic circuits logic control logic design logic devices logic diagrams logic error logic errors logic fallacy logic families logic family logic form logic formulas logic games logic gate logic gate symbols logic gate teleportation logic gates logic in computer science logic in the 17th century logic in the 18th century logic in the 19th century logic in the 20th century logic language logic languages logic levels logic machines logic mazes logic model logic modeling logic notation logic of appropriateness logic of confirmation logic of discovery logic of ethical discourse logic of information logic of natural language logic of the contingent logic of validation logic on fire logic operation or logic operations logic or sequential controls logic problem logic problems logic program logic programming logic programming language logic programs logic puzzle logic puzzles logic simulation logic simulator logic simulators logic state logic subfamily logic synthesis logic systems logic to layout comparison logic trees logic variable logic variables logic zero logic-based language logica vetus logical address logical addresses logical alphabet logical analysis logical and logical and statistical structure logical argument logical arguments logical assertion logical assertions logical atomism logical atoms logical axiom logical axioms logical behaviorism logical behaviorist logical behaviourism logical biconditional logical block addressing logical bus logical calculi logical calculus logical certainty logical channel logical channel numbers logical clock logical clocks logical comprehension logical computation logical conditional logical conditionals logical conjunction logical connections logical connective logical connectives logical consequence logical consequence relation logical consequences logical consistency logical constant logical constants logical construct logical construction logical correspondence logical data model logical data modeling logical database logical deduction logical deductions logical dependence logical determinism logical disjunction logical disjunctions logical disk logical division logical drives logical duality logical empiricism logical empiricist logical empiricists logical entailment logical equality logical equivalence logical equivalences logical error logical extension logical extreme logical fallacies logical fallacy logical fallacy or non-logical argument logical fiction logical form logical form logical formalism logical formatting logical forms of judgment logical framework logical frameworks logical function logical gate logical grammar logical graph logical graphs logical harmony logical high logical holism logical immediacy logical implication logical implications logical independence logical indicator logical inference logical language logical languages logical laws logical levels logical link control logical link control logical low logical machine logical markup logical masking logical matrices logical mechanism logical model logical models logical name logical nand logical necessity logical negation logical nor logical not logical notation logical operation logical operations logical operator logical operators logical or logical order logical paradox logical paradoxes logical partition logical partitioning logical permutation logical positivism logical positivist logical positivists logical positivists' logical possibility logical predicate logical priority logical probability logical problem of evil logical problems logical product logical programming logical proof logical proofs logical properties of information logical propositions logical puzzle logical puzzles logical qualities logical quantifiers logical realism logical reasoning logical reconstruction logical regression logical resolution logical schema logical second logical sections logical security logical sentences logical shift logical shifts logical sociology logical storage logical stress logical structure logical subject logical sum logical support logical symbols logical syntax logical system logical systems logical table of judgments logical tautology logical theory logical theory of science logical thinking logical tolerance logical topology logical truth logical truth value logical truths logical type logical types logical unit logical unit number logical units logical universe logical value logical values logical volume logical volume management logical volume manager logical volume managers logical volumes logically argued logically bound logically cannot logically closed logically complete logically equivalent logically fallacious logically false logically independent logically perfect language logically possible logically proper name logically proper names logically sound logically true logically unsound logically valid logics and meanings of programs logie award logification of intelligence login information login names login page login prompt login session login sessions login spoofing logistic base logistic curve logistic curves logistic delays logistic distribution logistic engineering logistic equation logistic family logistic function logistic functions logistic growth logistic map logistic maps logistic method logistic model logistic networks logistic regression logistic regresssion logistic services logistic support logistic system logistic systems logistic tail logistical depot logistical distribution logistical network logistical operations logistical planning logistical services logistical software logistical support logistical tail logistics automation logistics center logistics combat element logistics corps logistics engineering logistics firms logistics industry logistics officers logistics support logistics vehicles logit analysis logit model loglog graph lognormal distribution logo and branding logo bug logo bumper logo design logo designer logo jets logo tees logographic characters logographic script logographic scripts logographic writing system logographic writing systems logothetēs tou genikou logovisual thinking logovisual thinking logs and firewood logs of a street logs out logspace reductions loi de justice et d'amour loi pour l'égalité des chances loi pour la confiance dans l'économie numérique loi sur le milliard des émigrés loia cane loin back ribs loin cloth loin cloths loining plant lois scélérates lokesh khodke loki djili lokshen soup lolita complex lolita fashion lolita fashions lolita pornography lollipop ladies lollipop lady lollipop man lollypop lady lombard bands lombardy lamprey lombricine kinase lomi lomi lomi salmon lomi-lomi salmon lomo saltado lompat tikam london borough london bus garage london clay london operations lone bomber lone district lone district of his home province lone electron pair lone electron pairs lone gunman lone gunman theory lone hit lone pair lone pairs lone parent lone parents lone pine lone protons and other particles get even farther and farther apart from each other lone star lone star flag lone wolf lone wolf terrorism lone wolf terrorists loneliness and abandonment lonely angel lonely cashier lonely hearts lonely hearts ad lonely hunters lonely planet long (L) and short long (L) and short forms of the vowels s forms of the vowels long (L) and short s forms of the vowels long acting beta-adrenoceptor agonist long after the war long algebraic notation long and complex history long and complex relationship long and dangerous journey in the very near future long and gallant defense long and short long and short s long and short scale long and short scales long and short vowels long and venerable musical tradition long arm long arm statute long arm statutes long arteries long association fibers long awaited call long axis long axis strokes long axon long ball long ballot long barrel recoil principle long barrow long barrows long baseline radio interferometry long beaded necklaces long bean long beans long been recognized long billed vulture long black long block long board long boat long boat rescue long boiler long boiler locomotive, long boiler locomotives long boiler types long bond long bone long bone fracture long bones long boom long bow long bows long branch attraction long branches long buccal nerve long by nature long campaign long cane long cards long chain fatty acids long chronology long ciliary long ciliary nerve long ciliary nerves long circuits long cist long civil war long con long cons long corners long corridor long count long count calendar long course long crus long cuts long da lishkara long day long day plant long day plants long defeat long delayed echoes long diagonal long diagonals long distance long distance amber trade long distance bicycle trail long distance dispersal long distance division long distance events long distance footpath long distance footpaths long distance migrant long distance path long distance phone call long distance rail long distance relationships long distance riding long distance routes long distance runner long distance runners long distance running long distance shots long distance station long distance swimmer long distance swimming long distance telephone long distance telephone company long distance television reception long distance track long distance track and field long distance track runners long distance trail long distance trails long distance walk long distance walking trail long distances long division long division process for polynomials long double long dozen long drink long drinks long driving long drop long drop hanging long drum long drums long duration long eared owl long electronic beep long exact sequence long exact sequence of the fibration long exact sequences long exposure long exposure photography long exposures long external lateral ligament long face syndrome long fat networks long fiber thermoplastics long fil long file name long file names long filename long filenames long firms long fist long flexible sword long flowing hair long flowing silken robes long form long galleries long gallery long game long gourd long grain long gun long guns long hair long haired long halls long hand long haul tractors long haul truck driver long historic rivalry long history long history of underground press long hood long hood forward long hop long hops long hot summer long hours long house long houses long hunters long i long integer long interest long interspersed nuclear element long interspersed repetitive element long isolation long johns long jump long jump competition long jump event long jump final long jump men long jump women long jumper long jumpers long jumping long lance long leaf pine long leases long lens long life long line long line long line long line fishing long line of distinguished soldiers long lines long list long list of criticisms long litigation history long lot long march long marks long mid merger long mid mergers long mode long multiplication long numbers long options long or in a short long or short long path long penis long pepper long period comet long period comets long period fiber gratings long period of agitation long period variables long pike long pillow long plaited bun long plantar long plantar ligament long play long player long playing long playing album long playing record long playing records long playing vinyl long poem long position long posterior ciliary arteries long posterior sacroiliac ligament long prime long primer long products long program long programs long put butterfly long queue hairstyles long rail long rails long ramps long range long range acoustic device long range attack aircraft long range dependence long range desert patrol group long range influence long range order long range penetration long range planning long range recce long range reconnaissance long reach excavators long real line long recoil long recoil operation long relief pitcher long reliever long relievers long reported long rifle long rifles long rod penetrator long root of the ciliary ganglion long run long run average cost long run average costs long run marginal cost long run tendency of capitalistic economy long running syndicated television show long s long s ſ long saphenous vein long scale long scale system long scale terminology long scrotal nerve long series of conflicts long service leave long shared close military and economic ties long ships long shore drift long shot long shots long side long siege long single takes long snapper long snappers long socks long solid mussel long song long songs long sound long spine board long spined sea urchin long spiral dreamin' long sprinter long sprinters long squeeze long staff long staffs long stator long stick long straddle long straight long straight beach long strangle long string long string instrument long stroke long subscapular nerve long sword long syllable long syllables long tail long tail pair long tailed macaques long take long takes long tapered swords long telegram long term long term bonds long term care long term care hospitals long term care insurance long term complications long term condition long term depression long term disability long term illness long term memories long term memory long term policy long term potentiation long term relationship long term relationships long term video-EEG monitoring long terminal repeat long terminal repeat sequence long terminal repeats long thin long thoracic long thoracic nerve long title long tom long ton long tons long track long track speed skater long track speed skating long track speedskater long track speedskating long tracts long trek long underwear long vowel long vowel sign long vowels long voyage upstream long walks long walls long war long war of independence long wave long wavelength limit long wavelengths long waves long waves of capitalist development long weekend long wheelbase long white cloud long words long year long “o,” long- distance swimmer long-QT syndrome long-acting beta agonist long-acting beta2-adrenoceptor agonists long-arm statute long-arm statutes long-barreled gun long-bearded axe long-billed curlew long-billed dowitcher long-bract green orchis long-branch attraction long-branch runes long-chain acyl-CoA long-chain alcohol long-chain aldehyde long-chain carboxylate long-chain ester long-chain fatty acid long-chain fatty acids long-chain n-3 fatty acids long-chain-acyl-CoA dehydrogenase long-chain-alcohol dehydrogenase long-chain-alcohol oxidase long-chain-aldehyde dehydrogenase long-chain-enoyl-CoA hydratase long-chain-fatty acid long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase long-chain-fatty-acid-luciferin-component ligase long-chain-fatty-acyl ethyl ester long-chain-fatty-acyl-CoA reductase long-chain-fatty-acyl-glutamate deacylase long-clawed hermit crab long-crested eagle long-day breeders long-distance air travel long-distance anchor pylon long-distance calling long-distance carriers long-distance daters long-distance dependencies long-distance education long-distance electrical service long-distance electrical transmission system long-distance express trains long-distance footpath long-distance footpaths long-distance hiking trails long-distance operator long-distance path long-distance paths long-distance phone calls long-distance rail long-distance reception long-distance relationship long-distance relationships long-distance riding long-distance runner long-distance runners long-distance running long-distance swimmer long-distance swimmers long-distance swimming long-distance telephone service long-distance track long-distance track event long-distance track events long-distance trade long-distance trail long-distance trails long-distance transmission long-distance walking route long-eared bats long-eared hedgehogs long-eared myotis long-eared owl long-eared owls long-established separatist movement long-fibered sphagnum moss long-fingered bat long-finned char long-finned eels long-finned pike long-finned pilot whales long-flame coals long-footed potoroos long-form improvisation long-hairy chickweed long-haul communications long-haul flights long-haul truck driver long-haul trucker long-headed flour beetle long-horned beetle long-horned beetles long-horned bison long-horned grasshoppers long-jawed orbweaver long-lasting light bulb long-lasting relationship long-legged myotis long-legged sac spider long-legged sac spiders long-life practice long-line bras long-line fisheries long-line fishing long-lipped beetles long-lost twin long-necked lutes long-necked varieties long-nosed adder long-nosed animal of unknown origin long-nosed bandicoots long-nosed barbel long-nosed eel long-nosed tree snake long-nosed viper long-nosed whip snake long-period comet long-period comets long-period fiber grating long-playing long-playing album long-playing record long-playing records long-range artillery long-range ballistic missiles long-range communication devices long-range dependence long-range dependent long-range fighters long-range land insertion long-range maritime patrol aircraft long-range memory long-range order long-range reconnaissance long-range reconnaissance patrol long-range rocket long-range rockets long-range sonar long-range weapon long-rod penetrator long-rod penetrators long-run average cost long-run equilibria long-running eponymous series long-running gags long-running legal battle long-running transaction long-scale name long-shore drift long-short pairs long-snout bullhead long-standing political divisions and conflicts long-standing rivalry long-standing territorial claims long-staple cotton long-tail boat long-tail traffic long-tailed bats long-tailed boat long-tailed boats long-tailed distributions long-tailed duck long-tailed ducks long-tailed macaque long-tailed macaques long-tailed marsupial-mouse long-tailed newts long-tailed otter long-tailed pair long-tailed rattlesnake long-tailed skua long-tailed thresher long-tailed tit long-tailed tits long-tailed vole long-tailed weasel long-tailed whydahs long-term acute care hospital long-term and short-term long-term assets long-term capital gain long-term care long-term care facilities long-term care insurance long-term climate variations long-term complications long-term consequences on individuals and the rest of society long-term debt long-term decline long-term depression long-term economic cycle long-term effects long-term experiment long-term goal long-term healthcare long-term injury long-term liability long-term memories long-term memory long-term nonprogressors long-term nursing or custodial care long-term potentiation long-term preservation long-term prospective study long-term relationship long-term relationships long-term risks long-term scale long-term secular long-term store long-time companion long-time partner long-time political figure long-time rivals long-time tormentor long-toed salamander