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photorefractive keratectomy photorefractive media photoresist masking photos of a boy in his underwear photosensitive device photosensitive epilepsy photosensitive ganglion cell photosensitive ganglion cells photosensitive glass photosensitive pigment photosensitive seizures photospheric temperature photostat operators photostimulated luminescence photosynthetic activity photosynthetic assembly photosynthetic bacteria photosynthetic efficiency photosynthetic electron transport chain photosynthetic picoplankton photosynthetic pigment photosynthetic pigments photosynthetic plants photosynthetic potential photosynthetic production photosynthetic reaction center photosynthetic reaction centers photosynthetic reaction centre photosynthetic reaction centres photosynthetic system photosynthetically active photosynthetically active radiation phototelegraphic apparatus phototelegraphic transmission phototherapeutic keratectomy photothermal effect photothermal microspectroscopy photothermal therapy phototransistor detector photovoltaic array photovoltaic arrays photovoltaic cell photovoltaic cells photovoltaic effect photovoltaic electricity photovoltaic energy photovoltaic module photovoltaic modules photovoltaic panel photovoltaic panels photovoltaic power cell photovoltaic power stations photovoltaic solar units photozincographic reproduction phrasal category phrasal or compound verb phrasal structures phrasal templates phrasal verb phrasal verbs phrase being parodied by the title phrase book phrase chunking phrase embedding phrase mark phrase marker phrase search phrase searches phrase searching phrase sequencer phrase structure phrase structure grammar phrase structure grammars phrase structure rules phrase structures phrase used for long live phrase-structure grammar phraseological units phrases of music phrases used by medieval cartographers phreatic eruption phreatic eruptions phreatic explosion phreatic explosions phreatic zone phreatomagmatic eruptions phreatomagmatic explosions phrenic ganglion phrenic nerve phrenic nerve pacing phrenic nerves phrenic plexus phrenicocolic ligament phrenicocostal sinus phrenicolienal ligament phrenicæ inferiore phrenicæ inferiores phrenologic parameters of a skull phrenologic research phrik khii nuu phronetic social science phrygian cap phrygian caps phrygian dominant scale phrygian mode phrys turcomanica phthalate 4,5-cis-dihydrodiol dehydrogenase phthalate 4,5-dioxygenase phthaldehydic acid oxime phthalic acid phthalic acids phthalic anhydride phthalimide fungicides phthalocyanine blue phthalocyanine dye phthalocyanine dyes phthirus infestation phthisis bulbi phtotosynthetic pigments phuuz entertainment inc. phycid hake phyla of human language phyletic gradualism phyletic order phyletic weighting phylloquinone monooxygenase 2,3-epoxidizing phyllosilicate mineral phyllosilicate minerals phylloxera epidemic phylloxera vastatrix phylogenetic analyses phylogenetic analysis phylogenetic arguments phylogenetic bracketing phylogenetic classifications phylogenetic comparative methods phylogenetic definitions phylogenetic footprinting phylogenetic inference phylogenetic markers phylogenetic nomenclature phylogenetic position phylogenetic ratchet phylogenetic relationship phylogenetic relationships phylogenetic species concept phylogenetic system phylogenetic systematics phylogenetic taxon phylogenetic taxonomy phylogenetic tree phylogenetic trees phylogenetic trunk phylogenetic understanding phylogenic adaptation phylogenic timeline phyrric one phys ed physarum polycephalum physical abilities physical ability physical abuse physical abuse of children physical access physical acoustics physical action physical activities physical activity physical addiction physical address physical addresses physical age physical agents physical and biological physical and mental disabilities physical and occupational therapy physical and psychological maladies physical and spiritual center physical and virtual address space physical anomalies physical anthroplogy physical anthropologist physical anthropologists physical anthropology physical appearance physical arts physical assault physical attack physical attacks physical attraction physical attractions physical attractiveness physical attractiveness stereotype physical authentication tokens physical balance of trade physical beauty physical biometrics physical block physical bodies physical body physical capital physical castes physical challenge physical challenges physical changes physical characteristics physical chemist physical chemistry physical chemists physical cheques physical child rearing physical clearance physical coefficient physical coercion physical combat physical comedy physical compression physical computation physical computing physical configuration audit physical connection physical constant physical constants physical contact physical control physical controller physical controls physical coordination physical cosmologists physical cosmology physical cosmology textbooks physical culture physical culturist physical currency physical custody physical data physical data model physical death physical demands physical demonstration of affection for another person physical dependence physical dependency physical descriptions physical design physical designs physical destruction physical devices physical dimension physical dimensions physical disabilities physical disabilities. physical disability physical discipline physical disease physical disk physical disorders physical distribution physical drives physical duplicates physical duress physical education physical education teacher physical educational physical educator physical effects physical electronics physical energy physical entities physical envelope physical environment physical evaporation physical evidence physical exam physical examination physical examinations physical exercise physical exercises physical exertion physical exhertion physical expansion physical experiments physical exploration of areas physical factors physical fall physical fields physical firewall physical fitness physical fitness instructor physical fitness test physical force physical force republicanism physical form physical fulfullment physical gap physical gender physical geodesist physical geodesy physical geography physical geologist physical gill physical growth physical handicap physical harassment physical hazards physical health physical humor physical immortality physical impairment physical impairments physical implementation physical inactivity physical information physical information security physical infrastructure physical injury physical interaction physical interface physical interfaces physical intimacy physical inventory physical investigation physical isolation physical key physical la santa claus is coming 2 town!ws physical law physical laws physical laws of the universe physical layer physical layers physical layout physical layout of an integrated circuit physical layouts physical ledger book physical limits to computing physical linguistics physical link physical location physical looks physical lung physical mail physical manifestation physical manipulation physical manouvres physical mapping physical mathematics physical matter physical means physical means of production physical measure physical measurement physical media physical medicine physical medicine and rehabilitation physical medium physical mediums physical memory physical methods physical model physical modeling physical modeling synthesis physical modelling physical modelling synthesis physical modelling synthesizers physical models physical motion physical network layers physical object physical objects physical observables physical occupational physical oceanographer physical oceanography physical operators physical optics physical optics and radiative transfer physical or mobility assistance physical organic physical organic chemistry physical organology physical pain physical paradox physical particle physical path physical performance physical phenomena physical phenomenon physical plane physical planning physical plant physical plants physical pleasure physical possibility physical power physical premotion physical preparation physical principle physical procedures physical properties physical properties of atoms physical properties of water physical property physical protection physical protocol layer physical psychiatric treatments physical punishment physical punishments physical quality of life index physical quantities physical quantity physical question physical random number generators physical reality physical realization physical reasoning physical rehabilitation physical relationship physical release physical restraint physical restraints physical retail physical round physical schema physical science physical sciences physical sciences and engineering physical scientist physical scientists physical searches physical security physical sign physical simulation physical simulations physical skill physical space physical splicing physical state physical states physical stature physical stimulus physical storage physical strength physical stress physical stresses physical structure physical stunts physical symbol system physical symbol system hypothesis physical synthesis physical system physical systems physical taxonomy physical theater physical theatre physical theories physical theory physical theory of diffraction physical therapies physical therapist physical therapists physical therapy physical time physical timing closure physical token physical token system physical tolerance physical topology physical torment physical torture physical touching physical training physical training uniform physical traits of humans physical transcendentalism physical transformations physical trauma physical traumas physical unit physical units physical universe physical vapor deposition physical vapor transport physical vapour deposition physical violence physical volumes physical weathering physical work physical world physical world hyperlinks physicalism in the philosophy of mind physicalistic naturalist physically abused physically abuses physically abusing physically abusive physically active physically addictive physically and mentally disabled students physically assaulted physically attractive physically based animation physically challenged physically combatting physically consummated physically deformed physically dependent physically disabled physically diverse physically fit physically handicapped physically impossible physically impressive physically interact physically intimate physically male physically modeled physically or mentally disabled physically painful physically paradoxical physically powerful physically protecting physically punished physically removing heat physically separated physically sick physically stored physically stronger physically unfit physically-based mathematical models physically-based rendering physician aid in dying physician and anatomist physician assistant physician assistants physician assistants physician assisted suicide physician assisted suicides physician board certification physician in ordinary physician organizations physician scientist physician-assisted death physician-assisted dying physician-assisted suicide physician-patient privilege physician-scientist training programs physicist and scientist physick garden physico-moral order physicochemical interactions physics and chemistry of materials physics and science physics animation engine physics card physics cards physics concept physics education physics engine physics engines physics experiment physics forces physics journal physics lab physics modeling physics of atoms physics of computation physics of condensed matter physics of consciousness physics of failure physics of firearms physics of hadrons physics of information physics of mixing physics of music physics olympiad physics package physics processing physics processing unit physics simulation physics system physics-based organology physigraphic division physiocratic doctrine physiocratic school physiographic division physiographic divisions physiographic province physiographic provinces physiographic region physiographic section physiographic sections physiographical map physiologic acoustics physiologic signs physiologic ventilation physiological "hunger" physiological adaptation physiological adaptations physiological agonist physiological antagonists physiological arousal physiological blind spot physiological changes physiological chemist physiological chemistry physiological classification physiological concept physiological conditions physiological cross-section physiological disturbances physiological ecology physiological effect physiological interactions physiological mechanisms physiological monitors physiological optics physiological or mental stress physiological phonetics physiological plant disorders physiological prematurity physiological psychology physiological reaction physiological research physiological response physiological saline physiological sciences physiological signal physiological signals physiological structure physiological tolerance physiologically active compound physiologically addictive physiologically-based pharmacokinetic physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling PBPK modeling physiologically-based pharmacokinetic PBPK modeling physiology of swallowing physiology of the kidney physiology of vision physiology or medicine physique art physis and nomos physostigmine sulphate phytanate-CoA ligase phytanic acid phytanoic acid phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase phytanoyl-CoA hydroxylase phytic acid phytic acids phytochemical screening phytoene syntase phytoene synthase phytonadiol sodium diphosphate phytonutrient content phytopathogenic fungi phytopharmacological methods phytoplankton bloom phytoplankton production phytosanitary products phytosterol esters phytyl diphosphate phát xít pi backbonding pi bond pi bonding pi bonds pi calculation pi cloud pi complex pi day pi electron pi electrons pi helices pi helix pi meson pi meson or pion pi mesons pi mon pi nai pi network pi nok pi orbital pi orbitals pi phat pi stacking pi-pi interactions pia au pia flour pia fraus pia mater pia of pia unio pial surface pianissimo stop piano 4 hands piano accompaniment piano accordion piano accordionist piano accordions piano and orchestra piano and string piano and synthesizer piano arrangement piano ballad piano bar piano bars piano bench piano blues piano case piano concerti piano concerto piano concertos piano duet piano duets piano duo piano forte piano fortes piano four-hands piano history and musical performance piano improvisation piano in four hands piano key piano key frequencies piano key sign piano keyboard piano keys piano lessons piano man piano music piano nobile piano nobili piano pedal piano pedals piano performance piano pieces piano player piano playing piano pop piano preparation piano quartet piano quartets piano quintet piano quintets piano rag piano rags piano reduction piano reductions piano rock piano roll piano rolls piano shoe piano solo piano solos piano sonata piano sonatas piano songs piano stool compound piano string piano synthesizer piano teacher piano transcription piano trio piano trio repertoire piano trios piano trolleys piano tuner piano tuners piano tuning piano virtuoso piano waltz piano wire piano wires piano works piano-driven pop piano-stool complex piano-vocal score pianoapera cappella pianura padana piassava palm picardy third picaresque life picaresque novel picaresque novels picatinny accessory rail picatinny rail picatinny rails piccolo bass piccolo cello piccolo clarinet piccolo flute piccolo heckelphone piccolo oboe piccolo oboes piccolo trombone piccolo trumpet piccolo trumpets piccolo xylophone picea schrenkiana pick & mix pick 'em game pick 'n' mix pick 4 pick 6 pick and choose pick and pack pick and place pick and pop pick and roll pick and rolls pick ax pick axe pick axes pick his nose pick off pick on pick pocketing pick pockets pick scrape pick scrapes pick slide pick tapping pick the runner off pick up pick up a check pick up line pick up lines pick up men pick up serpents pick up shoots pick up sticks pick up teenage girls pick up their guns pick-a-party primary pick-and-choose faith pick-up artist pick-up coils pick-up hockey pick-up line pick-up lines pick-up measure pick-up shots pick-up slip pick-up spot pick-up sticks pick-up sticks pick-up truck pick-up trucks pickaxe handle pickaxe handles picked off picked on picked the lock picked up picked up his head picked up his own head pickerel weed picket boat picket boats picket fence picket fencing picket line picket lines picket pins picket ship picket ships picket signs picking a difficult lock picking a pocket picking and choosing picking his or her nose picking locks picking of the feet picking off picking on picking one's nose picking petals off a large flower picking pockets picking up picking up 55 seats pickle liquor pickle relish pickled alive pickled and oiled pickled beets pickled cucumber pickled cucumbers pickled egg pickled eggs pickled fish pickled foods pickled ginger pickled herring pickled onions pickled punks pickled radish pickled relishes pickled sausages pickled tofu pickled vegetables pickled walnuts pickling inhibitors pickling liquors pickling melons pickling spice pickling spices pickoff play picks the lock pickup arm pickup artist pickup artists pickup band pickup coil pickup configuration pickup cups pickup games pickup group pickup header pickup line pickup lines pickup pattern pickup set pickup truck pickup trucks pickup tube pickup tubes pickwickian syndrome picnic area picnic areas picnic basket picnic beetle picnic grounds picnic pavilions picnic races picnic shelter picnic sites picnic table picnic tables pico cells pico de gallo pico image editor picolinic acid picornain 2A picornain 3C picosecond-burst lasers picramic acid picric acid picrite basalt picritic basalt picrolonic acid picte de elote pictographic language pictographic script pictorial art pictorial book pictorial cancellation pictorial cancellations pictorial codex pictorial cycles pictorial guides pictorial manuscript pictorial maps pictorial message pictorial model pictorial novels pictorial samples pictorial stamp picture and video messaging picture archiving and communication system picture book picture books picture books for young readers picture bride picture brides picture cards picture dictionary picture disc picture discs picture disk picture editor picture elicitation method picture files of various formats picture frame picture frame proscenium picture frames picture framing picture function picture gallery picture halls picture in picture picture journalist picture library picture lock picture messages picture messaging picture needed picture object picture objects picture of picture palace picture palaces picture phone picture plane picture processing unit picture puzzles picture rail picture rails picture reporter picture resolution picture restorer picture scrolls picture sleeve picture theatre picture theory of meaning picture theory of the proposition picture thinkers picture thinking picture user data picture white picture-winged fly pictures of backplanes with explanation of connectors etc pictures of ballplayers pictures of women picturesque dragonet pidgin code pidgin language pidolic acid pidyon ha-ben pie and mash pie and peas pie birds pie chart pie charts pie crust pie crusts pie diagrams pie fight pie filling pie floater pie floaters pie in his face pie in the face pie irons pie menu pie menus pie rule pie shop pie shops pie throwing pie was thrown at her pie-eating contest pie-in-the-face gag piece by piece piece for solo cello and orchestra piece of code piece of eight piece of emery piece of information piece of jewelry piece of limestone piece of literature of the same name piece of music piece rate piece rates piece sacrifices piece to camera piece values piece wages piece work piece workers piece-wise linear piece-wise linear approximation pieced quilts piecemeal engineering pieces from the period pieces in spots that are well defended pieces of broken pottery pieces of eight pieces of eight or eight reales pieces of flair pieces of legislation pieces of literature piecewise constant piecewise continuous piecewise continuously differentiable path piecewise linear piecewise linear continuation piecewise linear function piecewise linear functions piecewise linear manifold piecewise linear manifolds piecewise linear regressions piecewise linear space piecewise linear structure piecewise linearly piecewise polynomial surfaces piecewise smooth piecewise smooth and continuous piecewise syndetic piecewise syndetic sets piecewise-linear function piecewise-linear manifold piecewise-linear map piechota wybraniecka piechota łanowa pied a terre pied avocet pied avocets pied billed grebe pied crow pied currawongs pied flycatcher pied flycatchers pied imperial pigeon pied in the face pied kingfisher pied noir pied noirs pied piper pied piping pied shield bug pied tamarin pied wagtails pied-billed grebe pied-billed grebes piedmont blues piedmont glacier piedmont plain piedmont region piedmontese beef piedmontese folk song pieds nickelés pieds noirs pien che pier glass pier glasses pier line pier pavilion theatre pier railway and ferry service pier scour pier thefts pierce the corporate veil pierce the veil of incorporation pierced directly pierced ears pierced hole pierced steel planking pierced tongue piercement structure piercing guns piercing jewelry piercing migration piercing the corporate veil pierhead line pietra dura pietre dure piezo bleepers piezo buzzer piezo crystal piezo effect piezo electric piezo electric effect piezoelectric actuator piezoelectric crystal piezoelectric crystal oscillator piezoelectric effect piezoelectric element piezoelectric gyroscope piezoelectric igniter piezoelectric material piezoelectric microbalance piezoelectric motor piezoelectric pickup systems piezoelectric pickups piezoelectric pressure sensors piezoelectric sensor piezoelectric sensors piezoelectric speaker piezoelectric transducer piezoelectric transducers piezoresistive effect pig bladder pig bristles pig carcass pig cytomegalovirus pig dog pig dragon pig dragons pig face Carpobrotus rossii pig family pig farmer pig farming pig gelder pig in a blanket pig iron pig iron production pig latin pig mask pig meat pig metal pig or sheep intestine pig pickin' pig pickin's pig raising pig roast pig slave pig sticker pig sticking pig swill pig tails pig-like ungulate pig-nose turtle pig-tailed langur pig-tailed macaques pigeon and the hawk pigeon blood pink pigeon coop pigeon coops pigeon drop pigeon fancier pigeon fanciers pigeon fancying pigeon flying pigeon guillemots pigeon holes pigeon intelligence pigeon keeping pigeon loft pigeon lofts pigeon mail pigeon pea pigeon peas pigeon plum pigeon plums pigeon post pigeon racers pigeon races pigeon racing pigeon sport pigeon toes pigeon-hole principle pigeonhole argument pigeonhole principle pigeonhole sort pigeonpox virus pigeons and doves pigeye shark piggy bank piggy banks piggy-back basin piggyback expedition piggyback launched piggyback theatre internet access pigment cell pigment cells pigment cells in the skin pigment dispersion syndrome pigment dyes pigment epitheliopathy pigment metabolism pigment mosaicism pigmentary glaucoma pigmentary retinopathy pigmented ink pigmented layer pigmented layer of pigmented layers pigmented villonodular synovitis pigmy hippopotomi pigmy rattlesnake pignoli nuts pignut hickory pigovian tax pigovian taxes pigpen cipher pigpen problem pigs could fly pigs feet pigs in a blanket pigs in blankets pigs in space pigtail bridges pigtailed macaque pigtailed macaques pii klong pikachu virus pike and shot pike angling pike characid pike characins pike conger pike eel pike formations pike men pike perch pike pole pike poles pike position pike square pike squares pike warfare pikes to arquebrusiers pikka birds pikuach nefesh pilae stacks pilar cell pilaster strips pilates training pilau rice data structure pile bridge pile cap pile carpet pile carpets pile driver pile drivers pile driving pile driving hammer pile dwelling pile dwellings pile foundation pile heads pile hitch pile light pile lighthouse pile lighthouses pile of basalt rocks pile of dirt pile of rubble pileated gibbon pileated woodpecker pileated woodpeckers piled foundations professional wrestling pilgimage route pilgrim fathers pilgrim passport pilgrim routes pilgrimage festivals pilgrimage route pilgrimage routes pilgrimage site piling rigs pill box pill box hat pill boxes pill bug pill bugs pill burden pill camera pill enteroscopy pill millipede pill millipedes pill parties pill splitting pill testing pillar box pillar boxed pillar boxes pillar boxing pillar candles pillar coral pillar crypt pillar crypts pillar hermit pillar of fauces pillar of fire pillar of salt pillar product pillar structure pillar system pillar tombs pillar valve pillared coupe pillarized or sectarian organizations pillarized organisations pillarized organizations pillarless doors pillarless hardtop pillarless hardtops pillarless saloon pillars of pillars of fornix pillars of the church pillars of the superhero community pillars or rods of pillbox cap pillbox hat pillbox hats pillboxes and observation positions pillion passenger pillion rider pillow basalt pillow block pillow book pillow books pillow breccias pillow fight pillow fight flash mobs pillow fights pillow lava pillow lavas pillow stone pillow talk pilo-sebaceous glands pilot animation pilot badge pilot balloons pilot beams pilot boat pilot boats pilot card pilot certificate pilot certificates pilot certifications pilot channel pilot chart pilot chute pilot devices pilot episode pilot episode about terrorism pilot episodes pilot episodes for the series