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plea of insanity plea of temporary insanity plea rolls plead guilty plead in the alternative plead insanity pleaded down pleaded guilty pleaded insanity pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity pleaded their bellies pleaded their belly pleading deal pleading guilty pleading in the alternative pleading insanity pleading out pleading the belly pleasant appearance please add info pleasing fungus beetles pleasing to the eye pleasurable feeling pleasure boat pleasure boating pleasure boats pleasure center pleasure centers pleasure craft pleasure cruises pleasure cruising pleasure district pleasure flights pleasure garden pleasure gardens pleasure harbour pleasure palace pleasure pier pleasure piers pleasure principle pleasure quarters pleasure sailing pleasure seekers pleasure slave pleasure trip pleasure vehicles pleasure yacht pleasure-pressure merger pleasures of the flesh pleat fold pleated blinds plebeian aedile plebeian aediles plebeian tribune plebeian tribunes plebian tribune plebiscite in parallel plebiscite on conscription plebiscite on division plebiscites on the change pleckstrin homology domain pleckstrin homology domains plectreurid spiders plectrum banjo plectrum guitar pled guilty pled not guilty pled the fifth pled their bellies pledge activities pledge allegiance pledge drive pledge drives pledge of allegiance pledge period pledge pin pledge trainer pledges allegiance pledging allegiance pledging of allegiance plein air plein air art pleing kar plenary adoption plenary assembly hall plenary authority plenary indulgence plenary indulgences plenary inspiration plenary meeting plenary power plenary powers plenary presentations plenary session plenary sessions pleng choi pleng luk thung pleng phua cheewit plenipotentiary minister plenipotentiary powers plenitude principle plenitudo legis plenoptic camera plenoptic cameras plenoptic function plenoptic illumination function plenum cable plenum cabling pleonastic pronouns pleonetetic logic plerion nebula plesiomonas shigelloides plethodontid salamander pleural cavities pleural cavity pleural conditions pleural effusions pleural fluid pleural friction rub pleural furrows pleural lining pleural lobes pleural mesothelioma pleural peel pleural plaques pleural pneumonia pleural ribs pleural space pleural tap pleural tapping pleuralis muscle pleuritic chest pain pleuroperitoneal folds pleuroperitoneal membrane pleuropneumonia-like organisms plex stunner plexiform neurofibroma plexus anesthesia plexus brachialis plexus carcinoma plexus disorders plexus of plexus of nerves plexus of the submucosa plexus of veins plexus pampiniformis plexus patellae plexus patellæ plexuses from sympathetic plexuses of fourth ventricle plexuses of nerves plexuses of veins plica fimbriata plica gubernatrix plica lacrimalis plica semilunaris plica sublingualis plica triangularis plica vascularis plica vesicalis transversa plicae circulares plicae uretericae plicate rocksnail plicatic acid plicæ uretericæ plight of the farmworkers plight of the poor plimsoll line plimsoll shoe plimsoll shoes plinian eruption figure of speech plop art plosive aerophones plosive consonant plosive consonants plot 'n' bash plot against him plot arc plot arcs plot continuation plot continuity plot coupons plot development plot device plot devices plot differences between the manga and later anime adaptation plot driven plot dump plot dumps plot element plot elements plot for world domination plot generator plot hole plot holes plot hook plot immunity for heroes plot incongruity plot of ground plot of land plot point plot points plot ratio plot spoiler plot spoilers plot structure plot summaries plot summary plot to blow up jet-fuel supply tanks and pipeline plot to bomb embassies plot to detonate explosives plot to jam plot twist plot twists plotline revolving around an offer to cure mutations plotting against us plotting board plotting rebellion plough cultivation plough share plough wind plough winds ploughing engine ploughing engines ploughshare vaulting plow pit plowed his fields with salt plownose chimaera plucked or frailed plucked string plucked string instrument plucked string instruments plucked stringed instrument plucked strings plug and play plug and socket plug boards plug compatible plug compatible manufacturers plug cutter plug domain plug dome plug door plug flow plug flow reactor plug flow reactor model plug lures plug nozzle plug suit plug valves plug variety plug-flow reactor plug-in cartridges plug-in diesel-electric hybrid plug-in electric hybrid plug-in electric vehicle plug-in estimates plug-in hybrid plug-in hybrid electric vehicle plug-in hybrid electric vehicle plug-in hybrid electric vehicles plug-in hybrid vehicle plug-in hybrid vehicles plug-in hybrids plug-in parallel hybrid pluggable authentication pluggable layout analysis pluggable look and feel pluggable units plugin architecture plugs and sockets plum birds plum blossom plum blossoms plum brandy plum butter plum curculio plum in madeira plum jerkum plum juice plum pox virus plum pudding plum pudding model plum puddings plum rolls plum sauce plum tomato plum tomatoes plum tree plum wine plum yew family plum-pudding model plumage feature plumage morphs plumb bob plumb line plumbago drawing plumbate ion Plan 9 plumber wrench plumbic acid plumbing and piping plumbing codes plumbing drainage venting plumbing drains and vents plumbing fittings plumbing fixture plumbing fixtures plumbing parts plumbing supplies plumbing trap plumbous hydroxide plume grass plume moth plume rise plume theory plumed basilisk plumleaf hawthorn plummeting ratings plumose streaks plumulaceous feathers plunder economy plundered artworks plunge for distance plunge front plunge pool plunge pools plunge roughing plunge waterfall plunged to his death plunger mute plunger rear suspension plunging fire plunket shark pluperfect continuous pluperfect indicative pluperfect progressive pluperfect tense plural declension plural ending plural executive plural form plural formation plural genitive form plural marker plural marriage plural marriages plural member plural noun plural nouns plural number plural numbers plural of virus plural quantification plural quantifiers plural reference plural vote plural voter plural voters plural voting plural wife plural wives plurale tantum pluralia tantum pluralis auctoris pluralis majestatis political philosophy pluralism in economics pluralist naturalist pluralist societies pluralist state pluralist theory pluralist tradition or 'mixed' pluralistic legal systems or 'mixed' legal systems pluralistic or 'mixed' legal systems pluralistic ignorance pluralistic legal systems pluralistic politics pluralistic realism pluralistic societies pluralistic society pluralistic theories pluralitive logic first past the post plurality at large plurality at-large plurality bloc vote plurality bloc voting plurality criterion plurality election plurality election system plurality of causes plurality of elders plurality of forms plurality of gods plurality of religion plurality of worlds plurality opinion plurality rule plurality system plurality victory plurality vote plurality voting plurality voting system plurality voting systems pluralized ego pluricentric language pluripolar set pluripotent stem cell pluripotential hemopoietic stem cell pluripotential hemopoietic stem cells pluripotential stem cells plurisubharmonic function plurisubharmonic functions plus additional discipline plus addressing plus and minus signs plus cobordism plus construction plus fours plus maze plus or minus plus sign plus signs plus size clothing plus size models plus sized plus sizes plus ultra plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose plus-minus differential plus-minus sign plus-size clothing plus-size fashion model plus-size model plus-size models plush doll plush toy plush toys plusonermin pranosal plutonic diapir plutonic intrusions plutonic rock plutonic rocks plutonic suite plutonium bomb plutonium carbide plutonium difluoride plutonium dioxide plutonium economy plutonium hexafluoride plutonium hydride plutonium monofluoride plutonium oxide plutonium pentafluoride plutonium tetrafluoride plutonium trifluoride plutonium-based nuclear weapons pluvial lake pluvial lakes game theory plywood construction plywood panel pn junction pn junctions pneumatic action pneumatic actuation pneumatic actuator pneumatic actuators pneumatic air cannons pneumatic artificial muscles pneumatic barrier pneumatic brake pneumatic brakes pneumatic braking pneumatic braking system pneumatic caissons pneumatic cannon pneumatic catapult pneumatic chemistry pneumatic chemists pneumatic circuits pneumatic controls pneumatic conveyor pneumatic cylinder pneumatic despatch pneumatic device pneumatic dilation pneumatic drill pneumatic drilling pneumatic drills pneumatic duct pneumatic engines pneumatic filter pneumatic fitting pneumatic flow control pneumatic grinder pneumatic gun pneumatic guns pneumatic hack saw pneumatic hammer pneumatic hammers pneumatic link pneumatic lubricator pneumatic machinery pneumatic marker pneumatic mechanism pneumatic message system pneumatic ones pneumatic organs pneumatic paint gun pneumatic pistol pneumatic polisher pneumatic post pneumatic pressure booster pneumatic pressure switch pneumatic propulsion pneumatic pump pneumatic quick disconnect pneumatic quick exhaust valve pneumatic railway pneumatic rifles pneumatic rock-drilling machine pneumatic rodless cylinder pneumatic rotary actuator pneumatic sander pneumatic screwdriver pneumatic solenoid dump valve pneumatic souls pneumatic system pneumatic tacker pneumatic tapping machine pneumatic tire pneumatic tires pneumatic tool pneumatic tools pneumatic transit system pneumatic transportation tubes pneumatic trimmer pneumatic tube pneumatic tube tire pneumatic tubes pneumatic tyre pneumatic tyres pneumatic valve pneumatic valve gear pneumatic valve springs pneumatic valve with air pilot actuator pneumatic wheels pneumatically controlled pneumatically operated pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis pneumococcal conjugate vaccine pneumococcal disease pneumococcal vaccine black lung pneumonia severity index pneumonia virus of mice pneumonic plague pneumotactic centre pneumotaxic center pneumotaxic centre pnp transistor po prostu poached egg poached egg poached egg plant poached eggs poacherd duck poair de counte poblano chiles poc fada pocket battleship pocket battleships pocket beach pocket bike pocket billiard pocket billiard table pocket billiards pocket billiards pocket billiards pocket billiards game pool game pocket billiards pool game pocket billiards pocket billiards games pool games pocket billiards pool games pocket billiards table pocket book pocket book voting pocket books pocket borough pocket boroughs pocket bread pocket calculator pocket calculators pocket cam pocket cartoonist pocket cello pocket computer pocket computers pocket cruiser pocket cruisers pocket cutlery pocket deserts pocket dimension pocket dimensions pocket door pocket doors pocket gopher pocket gophers pocket gospel pocket hard drive pocket hard drives pocket hole jig pocket knife pocket knives pocket lighter pocket mask pocket mice pocket money pocket monsters pocket nukes pocket pair pocket park pocket parks pocket passer pocket pets pocket pistol pocket pistols pocket protector pocket protectors pocket reality pocket schedule pocket scopes pocket square pocket squares pocket stick pocket television pocket trumpet pocket trumpets pocket universe pocket universes pocket veto pocket vetoed pocket watch pocket watches pocketbike racing pocketbook plants pocketed taillights pockets of resistance pockets of the table poco a poco decrescendo poco adagio poco allegretto poco meno allegro pod casts pod chair pod mahogany pod people pod race pod racer pod races pod types pod virtual gaming podalic version podcast recording podcasting by traditional broadcasters podded engine podded engines poder popular podiatric medical school podiatric medical schools podiatric medicine podiatry supplies podium finish podium finishes podkanclerzy koronny podophyllic acid podsafe music podsolic soil podstoli koronny poem "Tommy" poem ciphers poem code poem codes poem of that name poem of the same name poem singing poem with the same title poem-like dialogue poemetto in ottave poems for children poeng mang khog poesia concreta poesía negra poet and lecturer poet and novelist poet in residence poet laurate poet laureate poet laureateship poet of the same name poet sants poeta laureatus poeta vates poetae neoterici poetic allusions poetic closure poetic conceit poetic devices poetic diaries poetic diction poetic drama poetic dramas poetic echo poetic effects poetic essay poetic feet poetic foot poetic form poetic forms poetic genre poetic group poetic justice poetic language poetic license poetic match poetic matches poetic measure poetic meter poetic meters poetic metre poetic metrics poetic post-punk poetic prose poetic realism poetic realist poetic rhythm poetic synonym poetic theme poetic tradition poetic transrealism poetic works poetical debate poetical work poetry analysis poetry and art scenes poetry anthologies poetry anthology poetry award poetry circles poetry collection of the same title poetry collective poetry conference poetry consultant poetry critique poetry festival poetry journal poetry magazine poetry matches poetry of the region poetry of the troubadors poetry of the troubadours poetry or drama poetry reading poetry readings poetry slam poetry slams poetry therapy poets laureate poezja śpiewana pogo dancing pogo oscillation pogo oscillations pogo pin pogo pins pogo stick pogo sticks pogrom night pogroms and massacres poi spinning poid du marc poila boishak point access method point after point after touchdown point after tries point algebra point and area pollution sources point and area source point and click point and click adventure game point and figure point and shoot point and shoot camera point and shoot cameras point at infinity point attractor point bar point bars point blank point blank range point blank shot point blanket point bleeding point break point buy point by point rebuttal point champion point charge point charges point circuit point cloud point clouds point coloration point common to two provinces and two territories point configurations point contact point contact transistor point count point counterpoint point d'Alençon point d'arrêt point de vue point defect point defence point defense point deletions point detonating point directly overhead point distribution point dynamics point elasticity point estimate point estimates point estimation point estimators point finite point forward point forwards point free topologies point function point group point group in 2D point group in two dimensions point group symmetry point groups point groups in three dimensions point groups in two dimensions point guard point guards point in polygon point labeled point lace point location point machine point man point mass point mutants point mutation point mutations point of adoration point of appearance point of articulation point of care point of care tests point of consumption point of convergence point of delivery point of dispute point of divergence point of entry point of equilibrium point of failure point of focus point of impact point of inflection point of interaction point of interest point of land point of law point of light point of no return point of order point of origin point of presence point of purchase point of recurvature point of reference point of regard point of sail point of sailing point of sale point of sale display point of sale displays point of sales point of service point of service plan point of tangency point of the shoulder point of view point of view pornography point of view shot point of view shots point of zero charge point particle point particles point prevalence point process point process theory point reflection point reflection symmetry point reflections point scatterers point scorer point set point set topology point set triangulation point shaving point shooting point singularity point size point sizes point source point sources point sources of pollution point splatting point spread point spread function point spread functions point spread model point spreads point symmetry point system point to multipoint point to multipoint connections point to point point to point racing point to point wiring point to pointing point trick game point values point-after attempts point-and-click adventure point-and-click adventures point-and-click games point-and-shoot cameras point-and-shoot interface point-biserial correlation coefficient point-blank range point-contact "transistor" point-contact transistor point-contact transistors point-free geometry point-in-time recovery point-interval calculus point-like particle point-like particles point-of-care test point-of-sale terminal point-of-sale terminals point-of-view character point-of-view gun point-set topology point-slope form point-slope formula point-spread function point-to-multipoint communication point-to-multipoint link point-to-point communication point-to-point communications point-to-point connection point-to-point connections point-to-point constructed point-to-point construction point-to-point horse racing point-to-point link point-to-point links point-to-point protocol point-to-point services point-to-point telecommunications point-to-point telecommunications links point-to-point transit pointe derriere pointe shoe pointe shoes pointe work pointed arch pointed arches pointed barrel vault pointed beard pointed blue hat pointed cone pointed elbow drop pointed gourd pointed hat pointed lightning rod conductor pointed nut clams pointed pseudotriangulation pointed set pointed sets pointed space pointed spaces pointed sphere pointed suit pointed suits pointed topological spaces pointer analysis pointer arithmetic pointer breeds pointer fixups pointer graphs pointer jumping pointer machine pointer machines pointer register pointer states pointer stick pointer structure pointer structures pointer swizzling pointer types pointer variables pointers to memory addresses pointes d'arret pointillist paintings pointillist technique pointing and clicking pointing at the west pointing breed pointing breeds pointing device pointing devices pointing dog pointing finger pointing model pointing stick pointing sticks pointing trowel pointing trowels pointing-out instruction pointless office paperwork pointless topology pointless violence pointless war points after touchdown points and crossings. points at infinity points average points classification points classification winner points competition points competitions points difference points du jour points guards points ignition points in space points jersey points of articulation points of divergence points of emergence of points of failure points of imitation points of inflection points of information points of interconnect points of interest points of order points of perspective points of presence points of sail points of sale points of view points on his license points per game points race points races points score points scored away points to the current instruction points-to analysis pointscoring system pointwise continuity pointwise convergence pointwise convergent pointwise evaluation pointwise limit pointwise mutual information pointwise order pointwise product pointwise products pointwise stabilizer pointy drooped headstock pointy haired boss pointy hat pointy hats pointy-haired boss pointy-leaved tick-trefoil pointynose blue chimaera poire z poision gas poison against several arthropods poison apple tree poison arrow frog poison arrow frogs poison baits poison brewing poison chalice poison control center poison control centers poison control offices poison dart frog poison dart frogs poison darts poison frog poison frogs poison from a wound poison gas poison gas attack poison gases poison glands poison headcrab poison headcrabs poison hemlock poison ivy poison oak poison or other noxious thing poison pen poison pen letter poison pen letters poison pill poison pill amendment poison pills poison put poison reverse poison sumac poison-ivy poisoned arrow poisoned candy poisoned catalysts poisoned shirt poisoned wells poisoned with arsenic poisoning by radioactive polonium poisoning from pesticides poisoning the well poisoning wells poisonous apple poisonous fruit poisonous fugu fish poisonous gas poisonous mushroom poisonous mushrooms poisonous pedagogy poisonous snake poisonous snakes poisonous substance poisonous white snakeroot poisons specialist poisson distribution poisson distributions poisson process poisson regression poke ball poke check poke greens poke his eyes poke salad poked him in the chest pokemon fire red and leaf green pokemon trainer poker machines gambling machines poker gambling machines poker betting structure poker broadcast on television poker channel poker cheat poker chips poker collusion poker dealer poker dealers poker deck poker dice poker face poker hand converter poker jargon poker machine poker machines poker on television poker probability poker room poker rooms poker run poker runs poker strategy poker table stakes rules poker television poker term poker tournament poker tournaments poker-based game pokes fun at pokeweed mitogen poking around our libraries pokok ipoh polacrilin potassium polar 3D polar adventurer polar air polar air route polar amino acid polar amplification polar and nonpolar polar angle polar angles polar aprotic solvent polar aprotic solvents polar area chart polar attraction polar aurora polar aurorae polar auroras polar auxin transport polar axis polar bear polar bear club polar bear hunter polar bear hunting polar bear swim polar bears polar bears’ polar blast polar bodies polar body polar bonds polar cap polar caps polar capsule polar capsules polar cell polar chart polar circle polar circles polar circulation vortex polar climate polar climates polar clock polar co-ordinates polar cod polar compounds polar concepts polar coordinate polar coordinate grid polar coordinate system polar coordinate systems polar coordinates polar covalent polar covalent bond polar covalent bonds polar crystal classes polar crystals polar curve polar cusps polar cyclones polar day polar decomposition polar desert polar deserts polar diagram polar distribution polar drift polar easterlies polar ecology polar effect polar electric currents polar encoding polar equation polar equations polar expedition polar expeditions polar exploration polar explorer polar filament polar filaments polar fleece polar form polar front polar fronts polar functions polar granule component polar graph polar high polar highs polar ice polar ice cap polar ice caps polar ice drift polar ice pack polar ice packs polar icecap polar icecaps polar inertia polar jet polar jet stream polar jets polar lights polar limits of tree growth polar lipids polar liquid polar liquids polar low polar lows polar magnetosphere polar maps polar membrane polar mesospheric summer echoes polar meteorology polar method polar modulation polar molecule polar molecules polar moment polar moment of inertia polar moments of inertia polar motion polar mount polar night polar night jets polar nights polar north polar opposite polar opposition polar orbit polar orbiting polar orbits polar patterns polar plateau polar plot polar projection map polar rain polar region polar regions polar reigons polar research polar researcher polar reversals polar rose polar scientist polar set polar solvent polar solvents polar space polar spaces polar spherical chart polar spherical coordinate polar spirals polar star polar stations polar stratospheric cloud polar stratospheric clouds polar sun synchronous orbit polar switch polar tents polar topologies polar topology polar trajectories polar twins polar vector polar vortex polar vortices polar wander polar wind polar winter polar wolf polar zone polar zones polar-ring galaxies polar-ring galaxy polaric ion polarimetric radar polaris missile polarised light polarising cubes polarising films polarising filters polarising microscope polarity genes polarity in international relations polarity item polarity response polarity reversal polarity reversals polarity therapy polarizable vacuum polarization beam combiners polarization catastrophe polarization controller polarization density polarization division multiple access polarization drift polarization ellipse polarization filter polarization formula polarization identities polarization identity polarization mode dispersion polarization modes polarization of an algebraic form polarization of light polarization of the wave polarization tensor polarization vector polarization wave polarization-maintaining fiber polarization-maintaining optical fiber polarized 3D polarized 3D glasses polarized glasses