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poker machine (plural poker machines)

  1. (gambling, US, Australia, New Zealand) A slot machine used for gambling.
    • 1973, Francis Keble Crowley, Modern Australia in Documents: 1939-1970, page 351,
      In New South Wales poker machines were legalized in clubs in 1956.
    • 1974, Donald Ernest Edgar, Social Change in Australia: Readings in Sociology, page 23,
      Lotteries, horse-racing and poker machines loom large in the life experience of many Australians.
    • 1991, Queensland Legislative Assembly, Parliamentary Papers, Volume 4, page 303,
      At that time Ainsworth had been manufacturing and selling poker machines in NSW for nineteen years.
    • 2007, Max Allan Collins, Double Dealer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Mortal Wounds, page 119,
      He didn′t always play the same poker machine, but he never went to the tables where he would have to interact with a live dealer. In fact, he usually stuck to the row of poker machines closer to the back door.
    • 2007, Mary Herczog, Las Vegas for Dummies, page 177,
      Even better, there are some video poker machines — admittedly, they′re very hard to find — that actually offer favorable odds if you play perfectly.
    • 2008, Malcolm Brown (editor), Cold Blooded Murder: True Crimes That Rocked Australia, unnumbered page,
      He approached people who were not in the criminal world, including his poker machine attendant, to acquire firearms or arrange hitmen for him.
    • 2010, Marina Milicevic, Vegas Dealer, page 19,
      Even there, you see poker machines placed in the bar counter to greet you.

Usage notes[edit]

In the US, a poker machine (especially a video poker machine) is more likely to be a slot machine (coin- or token-operated gambling machine) on which one plays a computer software-based simulation of the game of poker.


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