pokie machine

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A pokie machine in a New Zealand pub


From pokie (poker machine" or "diminutive of poker) + machine.


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pokie machine (plural pokie machines)

  1. (gambling, Australia, New Zealand) A poker machine (slot machine used for gambling).
    • 2000, Ken Ewell, No Worries, Mate: A Manly Adventure in the Land Down Under, page 68,
      During the contest, participants sit at pokie machines and accurately insert coin after coin into the smallest of holes, while all the time consuming more and more schooners. This grueling sport can go on for many hours, though the winner is always the pokie machine.
    • 2001, Bill Bryson, In a sunburned country, page 19,
      Australian clubs allow instant membership to anyone, so keen are they to share the diverting pleasures of the pokie machine.
    • 2008, Susan St. John, Donna Wynd, Left Behind: How Social & Income Inequalities Damage New Zealand Children, page 120,
      In 2005, New Zealanders lost $2.027 billion through all forms of gambling. Roughly half of that, $1.027 billion, was lost on non-casino pokie machines.
    • 2009, Marcus Padley, Stock Market Secrets, page 124,
      A casino is one big pokie machine, programmed to pay out less than a dollar in a dollar.