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point of interest (plural points of interest)

  1. (engineering) A point on an engineering drawing that has been added to make the layout of the part easier. It is usually the intersection of the tangent lines of a curve.
  2. A location that is worth visiting because it is a tourist attraction or the base for some type of service such as a restaurant or shop.
    • 2011, Syed A. Ahson, Mohammad Ilyas, Near Field Communications Handbook, →ISBN:
      The most important places and attractions of the city (i.e., points of interest) are identified by icons on the map.
    • 2013, Michael Brein, Michael Brein's Guide to Chicago by The 'L': Top 50 Sights by the 'L', →ISBN:
      Chicago by the 'L shows you how to go to more than 50 points of interest easily and inexpensively by using Chicago's excellent 'L (elevated /subway train) and Metra suburban rail systems.