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publishing group publishing house publishing houses publishing imprint publishing industry publishing points publishing rights publishing service publishing system pubocapsular ligament pubococcygeal muscle pubococcygeus muscle pubococcygeus muscles pubofemoral ligament puboprostatic ligament puboprostatic ligaments puborectalis muscle pubovesical ligament pubs and bars pubwic nuisance pucca tanks puck bunnies pudding basin haircut pudding basin haircuts pudding bowl pudding cup pudding made of bread and butter and raisins pudding of the same name pudding skin puddle clay puddle iron puddle jumper puddle jumper puddle jumpers puddle welding puddled clay puddled iron puddled mud puddling furnace puddling furnaces puddling mills puddling process pudenda externa profunda pudendal anesthesia pudendal artery pudendal canal pudendal cleft pudendal nerve pudendal nerves pudendal plexuses pudic arteries pudic artery pudussery vedi pueblo architecture pueblo joven pueblo people pueblo peoples pueblo style pueblos blancos pueblos jovenes pueblos jóvenes puer oblatus puerperal fever puerperal infections puerperal sepsis puerto rican puff adder puff or continuous plume puff paste puff pastries puff pastry puff piece puff-rock lizard puffadder shyshark puffed corn puffed grain puffed grains puffed rice puffed sleeves puffer explosive detectors puffer fish puffin crossing puffin dog puffin dogs puffy planet puffy planets puffy shirt pug dog pug nose pugil stick pugil sticks pugilistic boxing pugilistic dementia puirt a beul puirt-a-beul mouth music puisne judge puisne judges puisne judgeship puisne justice puisne justices puissance fiscale puka shell pulblic holiday pule sticks pulikesi arasal pulitzer prize pull and push pull back pull buoy pull factors pull handle pull hitter pull hitters pull inventory pull my finger pull off pull offs pull out all the stops pull over pull printing pull saws pull shot pull station pull stations pull system pull tab books pull tabs pull technology pull the goalie pull them out pull up transistor pull-back motor pull-down menus pull-down resistor pull-down resistors pull-up pull-up resistor pull-up resistors differential geometry pullback attractor pullback bundle pullback connection pullback diagram pullback of a bundle pullback section pulldown exercise pulldown exercises pulldown menu pulldown menus pulled apart pulled back pulled out pulled pork pulled tail pulled their boats pulled up pulley blocks pulley bone pulley-wheel variator pulling back pulling himself up by his own hair pulling mallets out of nowhere pulling off pulling power pulling sleds pulling the plug pulling them outward pulling tractors pulling vegetables from the ground pullman loaf pulls a far-too-big thing out of his far-too-small pocket pulls back pulls out pulls the trigger pulmenary edema pulminary archery pulmonary administration of drugs pulmonary agents pulmonary alveolar proteinosis pulmonary alveoli pulmonary alveolus pulmonary angiogram pulmonary angiography pulmonary anthrax pulmonary arterial hypertension pulmonary arteries pulmonary artery pulmonary artery banding pulmonary artery catheter pulmonary artery catheterization pulmonary artery catheters pulmonary artery hypertension pulmonary arteryLeft pulmonary aspiration pulmonary atresia pulmonary beds pulmonary bifurcation pulmonary blood flow pulmonary blood vessel pulmonary blood vessels pulmonary branches of vagus nerve pulmonary bypass surgery pulmonary capillaries pulmonary capillary vasculature pulmonary capillary wedge pressure pulmonary care pulmonary circuit pulmonary circulation pulmonary compliance pulmonary condition pulmonary congestion pulmonary consolidation pulmonary consumption pulmonary contusion pulmonary diffusing capacity pulmonary disease pulmonary diseases pulmonary disorder pulmonary edema pulmonary embolectomy pulmonary emboli pulmonary embolism pulmonary embolism pulmonary embolism with infarction pulmonary embolisms pulmonary embolus pulmonary embolus pulmonary emphysema pulmonary failure pulmonary fibrosis pulmonary function pulmonary function test pulmonary function testing pulmonary function tests pulmonary hypertension pulmonary hypoplasia pulmonary infarction pulmonary injury pulmonary interstitial emphysema pulmonary ligament pulmonary loop pulmonary medicine pulmonary microvascular regulation pulmonary minute ventilation pulmonary nerves pulmonary oedema pulmonary orifice pulmonary plague pulmonary pleura pulmonary plexus pulmonary regurgitation pulmonary rehabilitation pulmonary sac pulmonary sarcoidosis pulmonary science pulmonary semilunar valve pulmonary semilunar valves pulmonary sequestration pulmonary sulcus tumor pulmonary surfactant pulmonary surfactants pulmonary system pulmonary thrombectomies pulmonary thrombectomy pulmonary thromboembolic pulmonary thromboembolism pulmonary thromboendarterectomies pulmonary thromboendarterectomy pulmonary toxicity pulmonary trunk pulmonary tuberculosis pulmonary valve pulmonary vascular resistance pulmonary vein pulmonary veins pulmonary venous system pulmonary vessels pulmonate snails pulmonic consonants pulmonic egressive pulmonic egressives pulmonic ingressive pulmonic valve pulp adventure pulp adventure tales pulp and paper pulp and paper chemist pulp and paper company pulp and paper industry pulp and paper industy pulp and paper manufacturer pulp and paper manufacturers pulp and paper mill pulp and paper mills pulp art pulp booklet pulp canal pulp cavities pulp cavity pulp cavity of pulp chamber pulp comics pulp crime fiction pulp detective magazine pulp detective stories pulp ducts pulp era pulp fantasy pulp fibers pulp fiction pulp fiction magazine pulp fiction magazines pulp fiction novels pulp films pulp hero pulp heroes pulp industry pulp literature pulp magazine pulp magazine of that name pulp magazines pulp magazines and paperbacks pulp making pulp mill pulp mills pulp noir pulp novel pulp novelist pulp novels pulp paperback books pulp publications pulp science fiction pulp scifi pulp stories pulp style pulp western pulp wood pulp woodin' pulp writer pulp yarn pulp-print technique pulping sugarcane pulpit in the centre pulpit orator pulpit poofs pulpit robe pulsar deceleration pulsar timing pulsar wind nebula pulsatile flow frequency pulsatile tinnitus pulsating air jet pulsating variable pulsating variable stars pulsating white dwarf pulsating white dwarfs pulsational variability pulse amplitude pulse amplitude modulated pulse amplitude modulation pulse bombs pulse broadening pulse carbines pulse circuits pulse code pulse code modulation pulse compression pulse compressor pulse density modulated pulse density modulation pulse detonation pulse detonation engine pulse detonation engines pulse diagnosis pulse dial pulse dialers pulse dialing pulse doppler pulse doppler radar pulse duration pulse examination pulse field gel electrophoresis pulse forming network pulse forming networks pulse front pulse generator pulse generators pulse groupings pulse groups pulse jet pulse jet engine pulse jet engines pulse jets pulse jig pulse lasers pulse length pulse neutron generators pulse oximeter pulse oximetry pulse period pulse pistol pulse position modulation pulse pressure pulse radar systems pulse radiolysis pulse rate pulse repetition frequencies pulse repetition frequency pulse rifle pulse rifles pulse sequence pulse sequences pulse shape analysis pulse shaper pulse shaper. pulse shaping pulse stretcher pulse train pulse transformer pulse transformers pulse tube cooler pulse wave pulse wave modulation pulse wave velocity pulse waves pulse weapons pulse width pulse width modulated pulse width modulation pulse width modulator pulse-Doppler radar pulse-amplitude modulation pulse-chase experiment pulse-code modulated pulse-code modulation pulse-density modulation pulse-doppler radar pulse-doppler search radar pulse-jet engine pulse-position modulation pulse-shaping filter pulse-tube cryocoolers pulse-width modulated pulse-width modulation pulsed columns pulsed current pulsed discharge ionization detector pulsed dye laser pulsed energy pulsed energy weapons pulsed field electrophoresis pulsed field gel electrophoresis pulsed laser pulsed laser deposition pulsed magnetic field pulsed neutron emitting tube pulsed plasma engines pulsed plasma thrusters pulsed power pulsed radiofrequency pulsed rocket motors pulsed-field gel electrophoresis pulsed-plasma thrusters pulseless electrical activity pulsology and sphygmology pulsometer steam pump pulsus bisferiens pulsus paradoxus pulsus tardus et parvus pulut seri kaya pulut serunding pulverised fuel ash pulverised fuel firing pulverized coal pulverized coal combustion pulverized fuel firing pumice cone pumice rafts pumice stone pumice stones pumkin pie pumkinseed sunfish pump action pump action shotgun pump and dump pump and dump strategy pump and treat pump bicycle tires pump boat pump boats pump body pump fake pump fakes pump heat pump house pump iron pump jacks pump jet pump jets pump nozzles pump organ pump organs pump power pump protons pump room pump shaft pump shotgun pump source pump station pump stations pump storage pump system pump-action shotgun pump-action shotguns pumped his stomach pumped hydroelectric storage pumped region pumped storage pumped storage hydroelectric pumped storage hydroelectricity pumped storage hydroelectricity plant pumped storage plants pumped storage scheme pumped water storage power plant pumped-storage hydro systems pumped-storage hydroelectric pumped-storage hydroelectric plant pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant pumped-storage hydroelectricity pumped-storage plant pumped-storage reservoir pumped-storage scheme pumpernickel bread pumphandle drop pumphandle hold pumphandle slam pumphead syndrome pumping and dumping pumping engine pumping for use in water purification systems pumping house pumping lemma pumping lemma above pumping lemma for context-free languages pumping lemma for regular languages pumping lemmas pumping loss pumping losses pumping percolator pumping rate pumping station pumping stations pumping tests pumpkin bomb pumpkin bombs pumpkin bread pumpkin carving pumpkin flower pumpkin patch pumpkin pie pumpkin pie spice pumpkin pies pumpkin seed pumpkin seed oil pumpkin seeds pumpkin sunfish pumpkins or melons pumpkinseed sunfish pun as a punch-line pun comment puna grassland puna rhea punana leo punch a hole punch and a matching die punch block punch blocks punch bowl punch bowls punch buggy punch card punch card ballot punch card calculation punch card machines punch card system punch card voting punch card voting machines punch card voting systems punch cards punch clock punch combinations punch down block punch down tool punch drunk punch glasses punch houses punch in punch line punch lines punch perm punch press punch-down block punch-down blocks punchay kashwa punchayat town punchdown block punched card punched card equipment punched card punch punched card reader punched card tabulating machines punched cards punched holes punched paper cards punched paper tape punched paper tapes punched paper-tape punched tape punched tapes punches and dies punches him in the crotch punching bag punching bags punching in punching out punching power puncta lacrimalia puncta vasculosa punctal plugs punctate epithelial erosions punctate keratitis punctuated equilibria punctuated equilibrium punctuated evolution punctuated gradualism punctuation mark punctuation marks punctuation marks and other symbols punctuation symbols punctum lacrimale puncture of artery puncture of vein punctured disk punctured plane pundi rice double flute punic wars punishable by death punishing stimului punishment beating punishment horse punishment of death punishment theory punishment used in schools punitive campaign punitive correction punitive damages punitive expedition punitive expeditions punitive operation punitive pacification punitive psychiatry punjabi ang punjabi folklore punji stake punji stakes punji stick punji sticks punk & ska punk activist punk and roll punk anthem punk appearance punk art punk band punk bands punk before it was punk punk blues punk burnouts punk cabaret punk city punk clothing punk community punk cover punk culture punk dance punk ethics punk ethos punk fanzine punk fanzines punk fashion punk fashions punk festival punk film punk films punk funk punk groups punk hair punk house punk houses punk ideologies punk ideology punk image punk jazz punk karaoke punk lifestyle punk literature punk manifesto punk movement punk movie punk music punk music world punk musicians punk opera punk pathetique punk poet punk pop punk revival punk rock punk rock band punk rock culture punk rock festival punk rock groups punk rock music punk rock musician punk rocker punk rockers punk roots punk scene punk ska punk subculture punk subcultures punk values punk variety punk visual aesthetic punk visual art punk zine punk zines punk zinester punk-inspired look punk-rock editing punk-style clothing punkah wallahs punkie night punluan right punnett square punt block punt gun punt gunner punt guns punt kick punt poles punt return punt returner punt returners punt returning punt returns punta rock punter positions punto guajiro punto music belly train pupa elimia pupal case pupal lining pupal mating pupal stage pupil barristers pupil constriction pupil dilation pupil images pupil imaging pupil magnification pupil master pupil strike pupil teacher pupil tracking system pupillary block glaucoma pupillary control pupillary dilatation pupillary dilation pupillary dilator pupillary dilators pupillary distance pupillary light reflex pupillary light reflexs pupillary membrane pupillary opening pupillary reflex pupillary reflexes pupillary response pupillary responses pupillary sphincter pupillary sphincter muscles pupillary-skin reflex pupillæ muscle pupils and students puplilary light reflex puppet administrator puppet animation puppet animation film puppet comedies puppet communist party puppet company puppet designer puppet emperor puppet government puppet governments puppet governor puppet king puppet kingdom puppet leader puppet lion dance puppet maker puppet monarch puppet monarchs puppet movement puppet nurses puppet opera puppet parliament puppet plays puppet regime puppet regimes puppet ruler puppet régime puppet régimes puppet show puppet shows puppet skits puppet sovereign puppet state puppet states puppet theater puppet theaters puppet theatre puppet troops puppets making crank phone calls puppy love puppy mill puppy millers puppy mills puppy or pony play puppy pile puppy walker puppy walkers puppy walking pur brebis pur et dur pur laine puran poli purana katha purana quila purchase contract purchase directly purchase guns from a federal agent purchase ledger purchase line purchase manager purchase money security interest purchase of commission purchase of commissions purchase order purchase orders purchase price adjustment purchase system purchase tax purchased a commission purchased locally purchased the carnival purchased the commission purchased the papacy purchasing a commission purchasing agent purchasing agents purchasing alcohol for minors purchasing co-operative purchasing department purchasing his ranks purchasing of commissions purchasing power purchasing power parity purchasing value pure 2 pure alternative pure analysis pure art pure at heart pure autonomic failure pure bred pure chemistry pure cinema pure concept pure culture pure data pure democracy pure demon pure economic loss pure element pure elements pure energy pure exact pure existence theorem pure function pure functional language pure functions pure fusion weapon pure garage pure gas pure gauge pure glycerin pure green suit hand pure imaginary pure income pure laine pure lines pure mate pure mathematician pure mathematicians pure mathematics pure motives pure number pure of heart pure oxygen is toxic pure plant oil pure plant oils pure play pure plays pure poetry pure point spectrum pure pop pure pot still pure pot still whiskey pure practical reason pure presence pure psychic automatism pure public good pure purples pure pursuit pure quantum state pure quantum states pure qubit state pure race pure radium pure reality pure reason pure reasoning pure red-cell aplasia pure research pure rye pure science pure sciences pure shear pure shear strain pure shooters pure silicon pure sociology pure soul pure sound pure spectral light pure spinor pure spinor bundle pure spinor formalism pure spinors pure state pure states pure strains pure strategies pure strategy pure subgroup pure subgroups pure submodule pure substance pure tensor pure terminals hand pure tone pure tones pure tuning pure type pure type theory pure types pure virtual pure virtual class pure virtual function pure virtual functions pure virtual method pure virtual methods pure water pure wrestling rules pure-food laws pure-mathematics journals pure-play semiconductor foundries pure-play semiconductor foundry pure-play semiconductor wafer foundry purebred cat purebred dogs purely competitive purely electronic color television system purely electronic computer memories purely equational calculus purely functional purely functional data structures purely functional language purely functional programming purely inseparable purely inseparable extension purely inseparable field extension purely mechanical movements purely mythical figure purely online following purely phonetic changes purely transcendental purely voluntary pureza de sangre purgatorial society purge of the military's leadership purge trials purged and re-organized purification and cleansing rituals purification by water purification laws purification of ethanol purification of protein purification of quantum state purification plants purification ritual purification rituals purification tag purified mercury purified protein derivative purified protein derivatives purified water purify hearts purify water purifying his soul purifying selection purifying waters purine analog purine analogue purine base purine catabolism purine degradation purine imidazole-ring cyclase purine metabolism purine mononucleotide purine nucleosidase purine nucleoside purine nucleoside phosphorylase purine nucleotide synthesis purine riboswitch purine transport purine-nucleoside phosphorylase purinergic receptor purinergic receptors puriri moth puriri moths purism of language puristic cubism puritan ideals purity codes purity law purity of blood purity of form purity of his lineage purity regulation purity ring purity test purkinje cells purkinje fibers purl stitches puromycin biosynthesis purple acid phosphatase purple bacteria purple bacterium purple bankclimber purple bean purple book purple cactus purple cannas purple chimaera purple clay purple coalition purple cone flowers purple coneflower purple corn purple cow purple cress purple disc purple drank purple finch purple finches purple flour thrown purple fringing purple frog purple gallinules purple gromwell purple hair purple hairstreak purple haze purple heart purple hearts purple heron purple herons purple knickers purple laver purple lilac purple loosestrife purple loosestrife(Lythrum salicaria) purple martin purple martins purple milkweed purple minutes purple moor grass purple needle grass purple noise purple non-sulfur bacteria purple nurple purple nutsedge purple passages purple patch purple patches purple people eater purple perilla purple photosynthetic bacteria purple phototrophic bacteria purple pills purple pitcher plant purple plague purple porous pottery purple prairie clover purple prose purple reedgrass purple ribbon purple root purple sage purple sand tilefish purple sandpiper purple sanicle purple saxifrage purple sea-urchin purple spiders purple state purple sulfur purple sulfur bacteria purple sunbird purple swamphen purple tang purple three-awn Aristida purpurea purple trades purple triangle purple violet purple worm purple worms purple yam purported designer purported effects purported medicinal abilities purported relationship between abortion and breast cancer purported relationship between abortion and mental illness purpose of government purpose of life purpose pitch purpose trust purpose trusts purpose-built industrial villages purpose-built roads purpose-built school purposely planned purposive approach purposive clause purposive explanation purposive interpretation purpuric acid purpuric maculopapular eruptions purse distribution purse line purse money purse of money purse seine purse seine nets purse seineing purse seiner purse seiners purse seines purse seining purseweb spider purslane family pursue and sink pursued and attacked pursuing intense anti-racist activity pursuing research pursuit curves pursuit eye movements pursuit fighters pursuit of happiness pursuit of truth pursuit problem pursuit system pursuit-deterrent signal pursuit-evasion game pursuivant of arms pursuivant of arms extraordinary pursuivants of arms purulent discharge purulent exudate purulent tonsillitis purva mimamsa push and run push bar push boats push button push buttons push carts push chain push chairs push dagger push daggers push delivery push developing push down stack push e-mail push edger push email push enteroscopy push factors push feed push forward push forward measure push hands push in the back push inventory push knives push media push mower push of pike push out push pins push poll push polling push polls push processed push processing push pull push pull configuration push pull mode push rod push shot push started push system push technology push to talk push to video push up push up bras push up the market price push ups push-down automata push-down automaton push-fit fittings push-forward measure push-forward measures push-me pull-you push-over strategy push-pull amplifier push-pull amplifiers push-pull audio power amplifier push-pull circuit push-pull configuration push-pull converters push-pull olefin push-pull olefins push-pull output push-pull pair push-pull strategy push-pull technology push-pull train push-pull trains push-to-talk button push-up bra push-up bras push-up exercise pushcart derby pushcart food vendors pushdown automata pushdown automaton pushdown transducer pushed back pushed back the left pushed or counseled out pushed out pushed their cost down pushed through the window pusher aircraft pusher and tractor propellers pusher configuration pusher configurations pusher configured pusher engine pusher propeller pusher propeller configuration pusher propellers pusher trailers pushforward measure pushforward measures pushforward of the sheaf pushforward or differential pushing from high place pushing hands pushing or placing victim before moving object pushing the envelope pushing upward pushpamala n pushpin and poetry pushrod engine pushrod engined pushrod engines pushrod valvetrain pushrod-actuated valves pushrod-operated overhead valve pussy whipped pussy willow pussy willows pustular eruptions pustular lesions pustular vulvovaginitis pustule dome put a bullet through his head put a man on the moon put a named person to death put a ring put a stop put an end put call parity put down put down labor unrest with strikebreakers, vigilantes, and militias put him away put him down put him over put into action put it in play put military pressure put money put money in the pot put on trial put on trial for war crimes put option put option contract put options put out put out of action for months put out the fire put over put pilot put the offender to death put the runner out put the shot put through a mock firing squad put to death put to sleep put to the torch put under siege put-and-take fishery put-call parity putative father putative marriage putative marriages puthen chal puthen thodu putlog holes putrefactive bacteria putrefying bacteria putrescible materials putrescine carbamoyltransferase putrescine oxidase puts a hose from the exhaust into the car puts it into a woman's vagina putsch attempt putt-putt golf puttanesca sauce putting down parliamentary questions putting green putting greens putting out putting over putting pen to paper putting practice green putting-out system putty knife putty-nosed monkey putu mayam puxada da rede puya vallenata puzzle adventure puzzle adventure game puzzle ball puzzle books puzzle boss puzzle box puzzle boxes puzzle canons puzzle cards puzzle computer game puzzle contest puzzle contests puzzle cube puzzle elimia puzzle game puzzle games puzzle hunt puzzle jug puzzle lock puzzle locket puzzle locks puzzle magazine puzzle magazines puzzle master 4 puzzle mystery puzzle pieces puzzle ring puzzle rings puzzle solving puzzle story puzzle video game puzzle work