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The IEEE magazine Spectrum has a regular article called technically speaking where they introduce words to build the vocabulary of engineers. (Note: Spectrum is a more accessible magazine than the various Journals that IEEE publishes).

August 2006 Changing Climate, Changing Language (Page 60)[edit]

Paul Mcfedries wroite this article.

  • anthropocene
  • drunken trees A stand of trees that tilt at various angles (appearing inebriated) because the permafrost under tham has melted. (Altrenative origin: the melting has release excessive water for the trees to absorb, drink).
  • season creep a slight tendancy for spring to begin earlier and fall to end later than previously due to global warming.
  • global dimming a gradual, systematic, reduction in the amount of light reaching the Earth's surface.
  • carbon footprint, synonym carbon cost The total amount of carbon dioxide output by a person; measuring their impact on the environment due to carbon diode.
  • carbon audit the action of measuring how much carbo dioxide a person releases.
  • carbon neutral releasing no more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than is absorbed.
  • carbon offset (noun, plural carbon offsets) Anything that causes a net absorbtion on of carbon from the environment, reducing carbon footprint.
  • carbon trading
  • carbon market (noun, plural carbon markets)
  • eco-tech technology that is improves the environment or reduces damage to it.
  • greentech slang, see eco-tech.
  • eco-efficiency manufacturing which is intended to have the least possible impact on the environment.
  • greenwashing slang for pretending to care for the environment by making token projects to benefit the environment, such as for public relations.
  • carbon constrained making business decision based strongly on environmental impact, especially on carbon release. May be an effect of legislature limiting carbon release.
  • bads: goods (produced items) that are particularly polluting in their manufacture, use or disposal. (slang?)
  • decarbonized, describing a process that has been altered to reduce release of carbon into the environment.
  • ecolonomics a hybrid field combining ecology and economics. The field of study or practice involving determining economical methods of helping the environment.
  • green accounting, using economic and accounting methods to measure impact on the environment. The application of such methods to production in a manner that is least detrimental to the environment.
  • enlibra bringing into balance.
  • exemptionalist (plural: exemptionalists) a person who is not concerned with environmental problems because they believe future technological advances will be able to repair them. One who believes there should be exemptions.
  • precautionary principle: a guiding tenet that proactive correction of problem at an early stage is much easier.