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Summary of checks on Han character entries from UCS hex 3700 to 37FF, run on 20 August 2010 XML dump of the en.wikt.

This is one row (sometimes called a block) of the Unified Han characters; see the Unihan database for this row.


  • The simple meaning shown is just the first # definition line in the entry, regardless of language.
  • Exceptions may not be errors, rather things that did not "pass" rather simple checks; some less used level 4 headers, etc. may show up.
  • Some exceptions may mask others, for example if the horizontal rule ending a section is reported missing, missing POS headers or definitions in that section will not be reported.
  • A major error (bad L2 header) will cause details to be suppressed, also if there are simply too many exceptions.
  • Cruft refers to the format, not the content!

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UCS Simple meaning {{defn}} languages Exceptions
3775 An ancient form of U+5F97 ) to get, complacent, (same as U+7919 ) to obstruct, to hinder, to stop progress, to injure, to offend Han char, yue, cmn, vi cmn-hanzi template in Mandarin Hanzi section missing
yue-hanzi template in Cantonese Hanzi section missing
vi-hantu template in Vietnamese Han character section missing
378E Used in the compound words 屎㞎㞎 (shǐ bǎ ba) and 㞎㞎 (bǎ ba), which are children's slang for excrement, dung. Note that the c yue, cmn, vi