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Entered en.wiktionary: 2017.07. native greek - she also speaks english

Hi, i am Katerina Sarri, pianist, greek, and if any wiktionarian needs help with greek lemmata, i can proofread.

Although i am NOT a philologist, i got a degree of philosophy from the university of Athens back in my youth, so my ancient greek is tolerable and my modern greek is fairly good. Questions about more subtle matters (etymon, dialects, phthongology) are beyond my knowledge.

My english is tolerable -i hope-.

  • i am away for long periods, so, excuse my not responding to questions immediately. I check my email every 1st of month or so.
  • I proofread, and record audio files for greek pronunciation
  • wish to edit only a few basic things, but through all wiktionaries for the word.
  • wish to do some work in wiktionary.greek too.

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Sarri.greek (talk) 23:42, 10 July 2017 (UTC)