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Hi David,

Thanks for having a look at this table. bij where you put it is only valid for the way the Dutch pronounce it. Here in Belgium it would be /bɛː/, but that's all right. :-). Where are you from?

Cheers,Polyglot 15:41 Aug 2, 2003 (UTC)

I'm very new to this system, so please forgive beginner mistakes, and don't hesitate to correct me when I'm wrong. (I only put bij there to get it out of the German column, where it really didn't seem to fit very well.)  :-)
I know nothing about Dutch. If you know a Dutch word to put there that everyone agrees about, then I certainly couldn't object.
It's OK where it is. Thanks for putting it in the right column. The Dutch say the 'ij' a little bit like in English with a /j/ at the end. We usually don't. Not a big deal, we understand each other. It can stay like that in the table.
I'm in Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia).
David Rogers

By the way, is there a page where the format of this IPA table has been discussed? I'd like to list the pronunciation beside each example, to make it clear how the example works. For instance, the /ɾ/ example in English would be confusing to anyone who didn't know it referred to the double t in the middle of the word, not the r at the end.
It has never been discussed. If you see a way to make clarifications about the pronunciations, be my guest. That's how this wiki concept works. Everybody is welcome to make improvements. For me the most important reason for this table to exist, is that I can always have it loaded (I love the possibility of tabbed browsing made possible with Mozilla). I have made a bookmark of several tabs at once.
This enables me to pronounce a word and compare it to the examples until I found a sound that is the same. I made it to be able to learn how this IPA works.Polyglot 12:17 Aug 3, 2003 (UTC)