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Read this first: If you have a disagreement with an audio file that I have recorded for a pronunciation of an English word, I don't mind. However, I do not rerecord audio files, and I have double and triple-checked each and every file that I've done to make sure that I am saying the word correctly and the way that I say it. I am a native speaker of English, however I am also aware of the fact that I do not have a standard accent. This is because I speak several other languages, and have been in multilingual environments my whole life. That said, your best recourse if you disagree with my audio file is to either do it yourself or find someone else to add a second one. I have no problem with my audio files being replaced by better ones.

More generally,

the best way to get a hold of me is to use IRC,

on in #wiktionary, where I can be found as flood, neskaya, rising, or rowan. I do read my talk page, but I may not always have the time or energy to be able to respond to it.

I archive my talk page. Archives: