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From Washington +‎ -ian.


Washingtonian (not comparable)

  1. Of, or pertaining to, the U.S. state of Washington or its culture.
    His concern for the cause of environmental protection was very Washingtonian of him.
  2. Of, or pertaining to, Washington, D.C. or its culture.
    Good jazz music has long been held up as a hallmark of authentic Washingtonian culture.
  3. Of, or pertaining to, the life, values, or presidential administration of George Washington.
    • 2005, John W. Matviko, The American President in Popular Culture, page 4:
      By appearing in uniform, Jackson was able to convey his strong character through these images. Jackson had seized on one element of the Washingtonian myth and clung to it.
    • 1914, Frederic Austin Ogg, Daniel Webster, page 78:
      Demonstrating that maritime defense, the protection of trade, and the providing of a national revenue were fundamental objectives of the Union, and directing attention to the departures which the Democrats had made from the sound Washingtonian policies in these matters, the orator went on to insist that this there must be a war, the depleted navy should be at once reconstituted...



Washingtonian (plural Washingtonians)

  1. A native or resident of the state of Washington in the United States of America.
    Any real Washingtonian will be quick to tell you that "Washington state" is a university.
  2. An inhabitant or a resident of Washington, D.C..
    Many a hardworking Washingtonian have expressed their frustrations at the influx of rich Marylanders moving into their city.
  3. (historical) A member of the Washingtonian movement, a 19th-century sobriety support group.