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This page lists all templates for the inflection of Russian nouns, adjectives and verbs and helps to pick the right one.


Inflection line templates[edit]

New versions, with arguments specified as in {{ru-noun-table}}:

Old versions, with lemma, genitive and plural manually specified:

Manual declension templates[edit]

Use these manually fillable base templates for nouns with irregular declension:

Automated declension templates[edit]

See the documentation for {{ru-noun-table}} for help in filling in the parameters. See Appendix:Russian stress patterns for help in determining the stress pattern.


Inflection line template[edit]

Declension templates[edit]

Use {{ru-decl-adj}}.


Inflection line template[edit]

Conjugation templates[edit]

Use {{ru-conj}}, implemented by Module:ru-verb.