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Possible transliteration schemes[edit]

Is there already a standard for transliterating Adyghe? If not, or even if so, here are some other ideas:

  • Idea 1: use the ISO 9 scheme.
  • Idea 2: use a scheme influenced, the way our transliteration schemes often are, by pronunciation:
А [aː] a
Б [b] b
В [v] v
Г [ɣ]/[ɡ] g
Гу [ɡʷ] gu (simply the transliteration of the individual characters)
Гъ [ʁ] g" (sttotic)
Гъу [ʁʷ] g"u (sttotic)
Д [d] d
Дж [dʒ] dž (sttotic)
Дз [dz] dz (sttotic)
Дзу [dzʷ] dzu (sttotic)
Е [e]/[ja]/[aj] e
(Ё) [jo] ë (or jo?)
Ж [ʒ] ž
Жъ [ʐ] ž" (sttotic)
Жъу [ʐʷ] ž"u (sttotic)
Жь [ʑ] ž' (sttotic)
З [z] z
И [i]/[jə] i
Й [j] ĭ? or j?
К [k] k
Ку [kʷ] ku (sttotic)
Къ [q] k" (sttotic)
Къу [qʷ] k"u (sttotic)
КӀ [kʼʲ]/[tʃʼ] kj (sttotic)?
КӀу [kʷʼ] kju (sttotic)?
Л [l]/[ɮ] l
Лъ [ɬ] l" (sttotic)
ЛӀ [ɬʼ] lj (sttotic)?
М [m] m
Н [n] n
О [o]/[wa]/[aw] o
П [p] p
ПӀ [pʼ] pj (sttotic)?
ПӀу [pʷʼ] pju (sttotic)?
Р [r] r
С [s] s
Т [t] t
ТӀ [tʼ] tj (sttotic)?
ТӀу [tʷʼ] tju (sttotic)?
У [u]/[w] u
Ф [f] f
Х [x] x
Хъ [χ] x" (sttotic)
Хъу [χʷ] x"u (sttotic)
Хь [ħ] x' (sttotic)
Ц [ts] c (or ts, though the latter is ambiguous?)
Цу [tsʷ] cu (tsu?) (sttotic)
ЦӀ [tsʼ] cj (tsj?) (sttotic)
Ч [tʃ]/[kʲ] č (like ISO 9 has)
ЧӀ [tʃʼ] čj (sttotic)?
Чъ [tʂ] č" (sttotic)
Ш [ʃ] š
Шъ [ʂ] š" (sttotic)
Шъу [ʂʷ] š"u (sttotic)
ШӀ [ʃʼ] šj (sttotic)?
ШӀу [ʃʷʼ] šju (sttotic)?
Щ [ɕ] ŝ (like ISO 9)?
(Ъ) (″, ")
Ы [ə] y (like ISO 9)?
(Ь) (′, ')
Э [a] è (like ISO 9)?
(Ю) [ju] ju (though that is ambiguous)?
Я [jaː] ja (though that is ambiguous)?
Ӏ [ʔ] j?
Ӏу [ʔʷ] ju (sttotic)?
  • Idea 3: use the Adyghe Latin alphabet as the transliteration, or in place of it, like Serbo-Croatian.

Thoughts? Suggestions? - -sche (discuss) 07:26, 8 October 2012 (UTC)