Wild Hunt

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Wild Hunt (plural Wild Hunts)

  1. A ghostly hunt that rides across the sky, common to English, German and Scandinavian folklore.
    • 1990, Michael Howard, Understanding Runes, →ISBN, page 35.
      In Germanic myth Woden, in common with his Nordic counterpart, was the leader of the spooky Wild Hunt which rides through the midwinter sky collecting the souls of the dead.
    • 1993 The rites of Odin, Ed Fitch, Llewellyn Publications, →ISBN, pages 320.
      Throughout the Continent it was orginally she who led the dread and awesome Wild Hunt through the thick forest and the mid-night snows, leading ghosts, wolves, witches and elves.
    • 1998, "The Raven's Call", in Heartland, volume 1 issue 3
      The night grew lighter as we welcomed the Aelfkin and Frey to join us, the Mothers we honoured and speeches made on Woden and the Wild Hunt.