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Punningly from X-Files and -phile.


X-Phile (plural X-Philes)

  1. (fandom slang) A fan of the television series The X-Files.
    • 1995, Ngaire Genge, The Unofficial X-Files Companion: An X-Phile's Guide to the Mysteries, Conspiracies, and Really Strange Truths Behind the Show, Crown Trade Paperbacks, ISBN 0517886014.
    • 1998, Richard Corliss, Time, quoted in Peter Bart, The Gross: The Hits, the Flops — the Summer That Ate Hollywood, St. Martin's Griffin, ISBN 0-312-25391-5, page 227,
      And that’s enough to turn an X-phile into an ex-phile.
    • 2003, Robynn J. Stilwell, "The sound is ‘out there’: score, sound design and exoticism in The X-Files", in Allan F. Moore (ed.), Analyzing Popular Music, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-77120-X, page 70,
      The X-Files – as any X-Phile could tell you – divides into two kinds of episodes: the mythology shows, which further the overarching plot of Mulder’s search for the truth that is ‘out there’ about the US government conspiracy to conceal the alien presence; and the stand-alone shows.
    • 2006, Robert V. Kozinets, "Netnography 2.0", in Russell W. Belk (ed.), Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing, Edward Elgar Publishing, ISBN 1845421000, page 133,
      My involvement in coffee connoisseur (Kozinets, 2002), Star Trek fan (2001) and X-Phile (1997) communities was high.