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Punningly from X-Files and -phile.


X-Phile (plural X-Philes)

  1. (fandom slang) A fan of the television series The X-Files.
    • 1995, Ngaire Genge, The Unofficial X-Files Companion: An X-Phile's Guide to the Mysteries, Conspiracies, and Really Strange Truths Behind the Show, Crown Trade Paperbacks, →ISBN.
    • 1998, Richard Corliss, Time, quoted in Peter Bart, The Gross: The Hits, the Flops — the Summer That Ate Hollywood, St. Martin's Griffin, →ISBN, page 227,
      And that’s enough to turn an X-phile into an ex-phile.
    • 2003, Robynn J. Stilwell, "The sound is ‘out there’: score, sound design and exoticism in The X-Files", in Allan F. Moore (ed.), Analyzing Popular Music, Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 70,
      The X-Files – as any X-Phile could tell you – divides into two kinds of episodes: the mythology shows, which further the overarching plot of Mulder’s search for the truth that is ‘out there’ about the US government conspiracy to conceal the alien presence; and the stand-alone shows.
    • 2006, Robert V. Kozinets, "Netnography 2.0", in Russell W. Belk (ed.), Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing, Edward Elgar Publishing, →ISBN, page 133,
      My involvement in coffee connoisseur (Kozinets, 2002), Star Trek fan (2001) and X-Phile (1997) communities was high.