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YP (countable and uncountable, plural YPs)

  1. (UK) Initialism of young prisoner.
    • 2011, Charles Bronson, Loonyology: The Autobiography of Britain's Most Notorious Prisoner:
      First it was an adult mixed prison, then a female borstal. Now it's a long-term secure jail for YPs, mostly lifers.
    • 2013, Lenny McLean, The Guv'nor:
      First, you're classed as a YP (young prisoner) if you're under 21. If it's your first time in prison, they class you as a star prisoner and that separates you from the ones who have been inside before.
  2. Alternative form of Yp.
  3. (computing) Initialism of Yellow Pages, a network protocol invented by Sun Microsystems
    Synonym: NIS



Proper noun[edit]


  1. (politics) Initialism of Yurt Partisi (Homeland Party).