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Yule tree (plural Yule trees)

  1. (chiefly paganism) A yuletide decoration comprising of a potted tree decorated with ribbons and religious symbols. (compare Christmas tree)
    • 1993 The Rites of Odin, Ed Fitch, Llewellyn, ISBN 0-87542-224-1, page 135.
      Modern Yule Tree decorations are acceptable for this season, of course, though parents may wish to decorate the Yule tree so that it reflects Yggdrasill, the mythic World-Tree.
    • 1997 Thunder issue 2 (Heathen Journal), The Folk's Noisy Friend, Garman Lord.
      Then again; what about those Indian shamans whose idea of a quick sure fire way to do a vision quest is to go stand on a mountain outcrop where lightning is about to strike, until they light up like Yule trees with static electricity, jumping off the rock to safety (hopefully) at the last possible moment?
    • 2000 Ratatosk Volume 4 issue 4 (Heathen Journal) Yule not Xmas, Red Raven.
      Those without an outdoor tree can hang gifts indoors on the Yule tree, or go for a walk to the local woods.

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