Yule wreath

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Yule wreath (plural Yule wreaths)

  1. (chiefly paganism) A yuletide decoration comprising a ring of greenery decorated with ribbons.
    • 1989 A Book of Troth, Eldred Thorsson, Llewellyn Publcations, →ISBN, page 175.
      The harrow, which must be made of stone and set up outside or in an outdoor room with a chimney or smoke hole, is fitted out with a horn, a vessel of beer or ale, a single (red) candle and the Yule-wreath in its center.
    • 1993 Our Troth, the Ring of Troth and other true folk, →ISBN, page 554.
      In Scandinavia, the centre of he Yule festivities (especially before the German tree was adopted) was the Yule wreath; many families have wrought-iron candleholder wreaths as family heirlooms, and these are also woven with evergreen branches.
    • 2000 Ratatosk Volume 4 issue 4 (Heathen Journal) Yule not Xmas, Red Raven.
      Over the Yule period write wishes on strips of paper and thread them onto the Yule wreath.

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