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Zork +‎ -ian


Zorkian (comparative more Zorkian, superlative most Zorkian)

  1. (video games) Of or pertaining to the Zork series of early computer games (originating in the 1970s), works of interactive fiction set in a sprawling underground labyrinth.
    • 1982, Popular Computing, volume 2:
      I won't say anything else about the Zorkian characters or combat for fear of detracting from each exhilarating discovery.
    • 1994, Peter Spear, Return to Zork:
      Your character doesn't understand any of the Zorkian languages in which the book's jokes are written and must have them translated by others.
    • 1997, Rick Barba, Michael Knight, Rod Harten, CD-ROM Classics:
      Restless patrons are calling for the standard Zorkian conclusory fanfare!

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