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Zork +‎ -ian


Zorkian ‎(comparative more Zorkian, superlative most Zorkian)

  1. (video games) Of or pertaining to the Zork series of early computer games (originating in the 1970s), works of interactive fiction set in a sprawling underground labyrinth.
    • 1982, Popular Computing, volume 2
      I won't say anything else about the Zorkian characters or combat for fear of detracting from each exhilarating discovery.
    • 1994, Peter Spear, Return to Zork
      Your character doesn't understand any of the Zorkian languages in which the book's jokes are written and must have them translated by others.
    • 1997, Rick Barba, Michael Knight, Rod Harten, CD-ROM Classics
      Restless patrons are calling for the standard Zorkian conclusory fanfare!

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