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From the computer game Zork (1980).



zorkmid (plural zorkmids)

  1. (video games) A fictional unit of currency used in various computer games.
    • 1984, Softalk for the IBM personal computer:
      Yes, the zorkmid is still the official medium of exchange, and this realm supposedly was founded by a relative of Dimwit Flathead III []
    • 2003, Robin Johnson, “One Zorkmid desc?”, in rec.games.int-fiction (Usenet):
      Nethack (www.nethack.org), which is not IF but does use the zorkmid as its currency, has a one zorkmid coin. It is simply described as "a gold piece".
    • 2008, Brian Briggs, The BBook of Geek:
      After the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the Eastern European nation of Ukraine adopted the Zorkmid as its national currency.