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From Spanish zorro (fox).

Proper noun[edit]

Film poster of The Mark of Zorro.


  1. A fictional character, a daring and mysterious avenger, created in 1919 by pulp writer Johnston McCulley.



Zorro (plural Zorros)

  1. Any daring and mysterious avenger.
    • 1999, Kate Calloway, 6th sense: a Cassidy James mystery
      I told her about the Z found etched in Hector Peña's blood and my theory that the killer may indeed picture himself or herself as some kind of avenger, a modern-day Zorro with a twist.
    • 2000, T Coraghessan Boyle, A Friend of the Earth
      [] he made himself visible at certain crucial and dramatic moments, like a kind of Zorro of the ecodefense movement.
    • 2006, Bob Onan, Taming Storm Surges: When Ecology, Engineering And Faith Meet
      You are a real Zorro. You ride in, rescue the fair damsel (Maartje), start massive fires and vanish — until the next perceived injustice.