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abassi (plural abassis)

  1. Obsolete spelling of abbasi[1]
    • 1765, The Modern Part of an Univerſal Hiſtory, from the Earlieſt Account of Time, volume 43, page 161:
      The most current money in Perſia are the abaſſi's, worth about 1 s. 4 d. ſterling : they are of the fineſt ſilver. An abaſſi is worth two mahmoudi's, a mahmoudi two ſhais, and a ſhai ten ſingle or five double caſbeghi's.
    • 1819, William Anderson, The London commercial dictionary, and sea-port gazetteer, entry "Persia", page 557:
      Accounts are kept in tomans of 50 abassis = 100 mamoodis = 200 shatrees = 1,000 dinars-bisti. The last is an imaginary money.
    • 1899, “The Miller”, in The romances of Alexandre Dumas, page 141:
      Only know how to set about it, and you can extract an abassi, not from every carriage, but from every gun-barrel.


  • 1858, The dictionary of trade products (printed in London by G. Routledge & Co., Farringdon Street), page 80: entry "CHAHI": a money of Georgia and Persia, the fourth part of an abassi, and the half of an uzaltum.
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Alternative forms[edit]


abassi m (plural abassis)

  1. (historical) abbasi (historical Persian silver coin)