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a- (in such a manner) +‎ blare (blaring)[1]



ablare (comparative more ablare, superlative most ablare)

  1. Blaring.
    • 1916, Charles Wharton Stork, “Sea Song” in Sea and Bay: A Poem of New England, New York: John Lane, p. 71,[1]
      He’ll dock with flags a-flutter, bands a-blare.
    • 1959, “Charge!”, Time, 3 August, 1959,[2]
      Market Street intersections were ablare with car radios tuned to “the game.”
    • 1998, Sam Dillon, “Early Bird Begins Mexico’s 2000 Presidential Race,” New York Times, 11 May, 1998,[3]
      The tropical night air on Saturday is ablare with the oompahs of a brass band, street lights abuzz with bugs, and thousands of Maya Indian farmers are jammed into a colonial plaza waiting for Vicente Fox Quesada.


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