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From abortion +‎ -cide (killing).


  • (US) IPA(key): /əˈbɔɹ.tɪˌsaɪd/, /əˈbɔɹ.təˌsaɪd/


aborticide (countable and uncountable, plural aborticides)

  1. The act of destroying a fetus in the womb; feticide. [late 19th century]
    • 1974, John Morris Dorsey, Psychology of ethics[1], page 153:
      As physician I frequently find it helpful to express some of my views regarding prognosis, aborticide, euthanasia, organ transplant, and similar medical exertion of mine, including that of my well-intentioned fellow-man.
    • 1988, Sarva Daman Singh, Polyandry in Ancient India, page 78:
      "From today onwards", he legislated, "a woman's infidelity to her husband shall be a sin tantamount to aborticide, an evil that will engender misery.
    • 1989, Paul DeParrie, The Rescuers[2], page 42:
      "Aborticide is the basis of God's judgment on America," he says, "because the blood cries out from the ground."
    • 1998, Lenn Evan Goodman, Judaism, human rights, and human values[3], page 88:
      Thus we have a clear division between homicide, which falls within the biblical law of persons, and aborticide, which is treated as a tort.
  2. An agent responsible for an abortion (the destruction of a fetus); abortifacient.