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Alternative forms[edit]


fetus +‎ -cide or fetus +‎ -icide, from French -cide, from Latin -cida (cutter, killer), from -cid (combining form of caedō (cut, kill)) + -a (-er) (used for form agent nouns).


feticide (plural feticides)

  1. An abortion, specifically, the killing of a fetus. [from 19th century]
    • 2002, Daniel Schiff, Abortion in Judaism, Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 68:
      Zimra, then, takes an unequivocal stance; favoring Rashi's view over that of Maimonides, he offers little comfort for the rodef approach, holding instead that feticide cannot be regarded as murder becaue the fetus is not a nefesh.
    • 1878, H. Gibbons, "On Feticide" in Transactions of the Session of the Medical Society of the State of California vol. 8; J. Anthony & Co., Printers; page 209:
      Notwithstanding the earnest opposition of writers and lecturers and preachers and legislators, the practice of feticide appears to be on the increase.
  2. One who kills a fetus.