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Borrowed from dialectal Catalan abrecoc, abricoc, variants of standard albercoc, from Arabic اَلْبَرْقُوق (al-barqūq, plums), from Byzantine Greek βερικοκκία pl (berikokkía), from Ancient Greek πραικόκιον (praikókion), from Late Latin (persica) praecoqua pl, (mālum) praecoquum, neuter of Latin (persicum) praecox (literally early-ripening peach). Doublet of précoce.


  • IPA(key): /a.bʁi.ko/
  • Audio:(file)
  • Rhymes: -o



abricot m (plural abricots)

  1. apricot (fruit)
  2. apricot (color)
  3. (informal) vulva, vagina, female genitalia
    • 2014, Pierre Lucas, Police des mœurs, numéro 219 : Court têtue:
      Et comme un léger coup de cul pas forcément volontaire avait remonté sa minijupe à présent coincée au creux délicat de sa superbe cambrure de reins, ça faisait que Gribovitch jouissait d’une vue imprenable sur ses fesses abusivement appétissantes, voire même sur son entrefesse ainsi que sur les charmants oreillons d’un abricot carné sous-jacent, encore tout luisant du reliquat de la douche qui en avait jailli.
      And as a light, not necessarily voluntary, smack on the ass had pulled up her miniskirt, currently stuck in the delicate hollow of the superb small of her back, it happened that Gribovitch enjoyed a breathtaking view of her abusively appetising buttocks, even seeing her butt crack as well as the charming swellings of an underlying fleshy apricot, still all shiny from the residue of the shower which had sprung from it.

Derived terms



  • Basque: abrikot
  • Portuguese: abricote, abricó



abricot (invariable)

  1. apricot (color)

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