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abrocomid (plural abrocomids)

  1. Any of the caviomorph rodents of the family Abrocomidae; a chinchilla rat.
    • 1982, Michael A. Mares, Hugh H. Genoways, Mammalian Biology in South America: A Symposium Held at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology, May 10-14, 1981, page 427,
      The Andean families (chinchillids, octodontids, abrocomids, and many ctenomyids) are not subject to the same climatological forces affecting species in the lowland tropics.
    • 1985, Francis Greenough Stehli, Sawney David Webb, The Great American Biotic Interchange, page 492,
      Caviids are grassland-scrubland species, while abrocomids are small herbivores of xeric Andean habitats.
    • 2005, Louise H. Emmons, A Revision of the Genera of Arboreal Echimyidae (Rodentia: Echimyidae: Echimyinae), With Descriptions of Two New Genera, Eileen A. Lacey, Philip Myers (editors), Mammalian Diversification: From Chromosomes to Phylogeography, page 262,
      This is likely to be the plesiomorphic state, as it is thus in capromyids, octodontids, abrocomids, and cuniculids.