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A chinchilla rat, (Abrocoma bennettii)
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chinchilla rat (plural chinchilla rats)

  1. Any of the caviomorph rodents of family Abrocomidae.
    • 2001, Sharon Lynn Vanderlip, chapter I, in Degus[1], page 41:
      The chinchilla rat is a nocturnal rodent about the same size as a degu. [] Chinchilla rats and degus live together in harmony, often seeming oblivious to each other's presence.
    • 2011, Terry A. Vaughan, James M. Ryan, Nicholas J. Czaplewski, Mammalogy, 5th Edition, page 232,
      Chinchilla rats look roughly like large woodrats (Neotoma, Cricetidae), reach over 400 millimeters in total length, and resemble octodontids in many ways.
    • 2013, Tim Burford, chapter I, in Chile Highlights[2], page 39:
      There are also two species of chinchilla rat, agile rock climbers that ascend bushes when feeding.


  • (any species of family Abrocomidae): abrocomid

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