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ache +‎ -ful


acheful (comparative more acheful, superlative most acheful)

  1. full of aches; aching
    • 1898, I mounted a steed in the dawning / With acheful remembrance — Thomas Hardy, 'My Cicely' from Wessex Poems and Other Verses., 1898.
    • 1908, Why recall the memory of those acheful days, when all the pleasant and restful features of the island are uncatalogued? — E. J. Banfield, The Confessions of a Beachcomber T. Fisher Unwin London. 1908
    • 1997, We all know that she is nameless / Spits at music it's not an issue / Just remove the acheful tissue — Hole, lyric of song 'Old Age' from My Body The Hand Grenade 1997

Derived terms[edit]