acre breadth

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acre breadth (countable and uncountable, plural acre breadths)

  1. Alternative form of acre's breadth
    • 1863, Notes and Queries:
      This breadth is that which is still familiarly called in many parts of England acre breadth, that is, four perches or poles, of five yards and a half each, or twenty-two yards;
    • 1893, Sir Henry Craik, English Prose: Selections - Volume 1, page 135:
      The knights rode together by companies, some here and some there, and the king rode somewhat apart because of the dust : and the Duke of Berry, and the Duke of Burgoyne, rode on his left hand talking together, an acre breadth of land off from the king;
    • 1998, Henry (the Minstrel.), William Hamilton, Blind Harry's Wallace, →ISBN, page 108:
      The South'rons front they fought all face to face, Who to their ignominy and disgrace, Did neither stand nor fairly foot the score, But did retire five acre breadth and more.