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addressive +‎ -ity


addressivity (plural addressivities)

  1. (linguistics, philosophy) The quality of being addressive, of engaging in communication for the sake of one's interlocutor
    • 1970, V.P. Nedyalkov, “On the Typology of the Polysemy of Verbal Affixes”, in Theoretical Problems of Typology and the Northern Eurasian Languages[2], →ISBN, page 97:
      Evidently, in certain languages some of these meanings may be expressed by special affixes (without a causative meaning), as, for example, the meanings of commitativity (cf. 6.3), addressivity (cf. 6.5) and mutuality (cf. 6.6) in Kabardian.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In philosophical and literary contexts, this term is strongly associated with the ideas of Mikhail Bakhtin[1].


  1. ^ Michael Shapiro & Marianne Shapiro (1998) The Sense of Form in Literature and Language[1], →ISBN, page 99: “According to Bakhtin, addressivity is a constitutive factor of every utterance.”