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a- +‎ dither


adither (comparative more adither, superlative most adither)

  1. In a state of confusion, excitement, or anxiety, usually combined with an expectancy.
    • 1917, Walter Edward Bonhôte Henderson, Behind the thicket: a novel, E.P. Dutton, 9051835884, page 191:
      ...stately witches housing their black, raucous familiars; the corrugated oaks stretching gnarled, hypnotizing arms ; the delicate, feathery larch; even the little, squat, bourgeois laurel, all adither with fussy, garrulous excitement "Hullo, here's old...
    • 1994, Nelleke Oostdijk, Corpus Based Research Into Language: In Honour of Jan Aarts; Issue 12 of Language and Computers Series; Volume 12 of Language and Computers : Studies in Practical Linguistics, Rodopi, 9051835884, page 42:
      The Labour party, however, is already adither over the desirability of complying as fully as Mr King suggests with Resolution 678.