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aero- +‎ -phobic


aerophobic (comparative more aerophobic, superlative most aerophobic)

  1. Having a fear of flying in aircraft.
    • 1978, New Woman (volume 8, page 92)
      Many people who think they have a fear of flying in an airplane are not aerophobic but claustrophobic.
    • 2005, Peter Adebi, The Star Principle, page 55:
      Aerophobic people have abandoned blessings for fear of flying. Talented singers have shied away from pursuing their destiny because they are afraid of failure, large audiences, criticism, or success. Fear forces people to accept mediocrity []
    • 2007, Dana Facaros, ‎Michael Pauls, Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches (page 64)
      The coach is the last refuge of aerophobic bargain-hunters. The journey time from London to Florence is around 30hrs; the return full fare is around £115.
  2. Disliking or avoiding air.
    • 1997, R. B. Scorzelli, Memorabilia, page 16:
      [The bacterial cells] also showed aerophilic and aerophobic responses to changes in available oxygen.
    • 2011, Claudia Lapping, Psychoanalytic Theory and Sociological Method, page 59:
      The opening and shutting of windows was one of the main subjects of dispute between her and her husband. She herself was aerophilic in her sleeping habits; her husband was aerophobic []