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From Latin aetiologia, from Ancient Greek αἰτιολογία (aitiología), from αἰτία (aitía, cause). Doublet of aetiologia.



aetiology (countable and uncountable, plural aetiologies)

  1. The establishment of a cause, origin, or reason for something.
    • 1999, Joyce Crick, translating Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams, I.c:
      I do not know where the idea first arose of enlisting internal (subjective) excitations of the sensory organs as well as external sensory stimuli; but it is in fact done in all the more recent accounts of the aetiology of dreams [transl. Traumätiologie].
  2. The study of causes or causation.
  3. (medicine, noncount) The study or investigation of the causes of disease; a scientific explanation for the origin of a disease.
  4. (medicine, count) A cause of disease or of any particular case of a disease (but see pathology § Usage notes).

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