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Alternative forms[edit]


From the Norse ætt.


aett (plural aettir or aetts)

  1. (paganism) A division of the runic alphabet.


  • 1984 Fortune -Telling By Runes, David & Julia Line, The Aquarian Press, ISBN 0-85030-367-2 page 15.
    Known as aettir, these basic divisions were sometimes named after Norse deities: Freya's eight, Hagal's eight and Tiu's eight.
  • 1993 The Elements of The Runes, Bernard King, Element, ISBN 1-85230-420-0, page 110.
    When we examined runic divination, we related, in passing, the phases of the moon to the three ættir of the Common Germanic Futhark.
  • 1998 The Norse Tradition a beginners guide, Pete Jennings, Headway, ISBN 0 340 72082 4, page 36.
    The runic futhark is usually divided into three aetts.