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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Norse ætt.


aett (plural aettir or aetts)

  1. (sometimes paganism) A division of the runic alphabet containing eight runes.
    • 1984 Fortune -Telling By Runes, David & Julia Line, The Aquarian Press, →ISBN page 15.
      Known as aettir, these basic divisions were sometimes named after Norse deities: Freya's eight, Hagal's eight and Tiu's eight.
    • 1993 The Elements of The Runes, Bernard King, Element, →ISBN, page 110.
      When we examined runic divination, we related, in passing, the phases of the moon to the three ættir of the Common Germanic Futhark.
    • 1998 The Norse Tradition a beginners guide, Pete Jennings, Headway, →ISBN, page 36.
      The runic futhark is usually divided into three aetts.
    • 2009, Donald Tyson, Runic Astrology: Chart Interpretation Through the Runes, Llewellyn Worldwide (→ISBN)
      Each aett is named after the rune that begins it, which may be regarded as the patriarch of the family it heads. This trine of families was so important that it survived the increase of the runes in England and the decrease in their number []
    • 2016, Kim Farnell, Runes, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need, Hampton Roads Publishing (→ISBN), page 38
      Each Aett contains certain runes that cover similar concepts. For example each has a rune for light, as in Kanauz the torch, Sowelo the sun, and Dagaz the day. The light becomes greater in power as we progress through the Aettir.