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From after



  1. Eye dialect spelling of after.
    • 1897, Mabel Osgood Wright and Elliott Coues, Citizen Bird[1]:
      "Dey uster have a song 'bout de Mockers roun' de cabins, an' a dance went wid it, 'cause it was a berry long song; but aftah dat Sambo done change it some when he uster sing it."
    • 1899, George Washington Cable, The Grandissimes[2]:
      "If I send a saddle-hoss to yo' do' on day aftah to-morrhow evening at fo' o'clock, will you rhide out with me for-h about a hour-h and a half--just for a little pleasu'e?"
    • 1911, H. Irving Hancock, Dick Prescott's Second Year at West Point[3]:
      "There's a woman aftah my own heart, suh," murmured Anstey.