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fatHa (plural not attested)

  1. Alternative form of fatha
    • 1998 February 9, Maryam Butson <seebelow@hatespam.com.au>, “Re: Mormons”, in soc.religion.bahai, Usenet[1], retrieved 2011-12-02, message-ID <"4LCnW.A.-KD.bQ830"@bounty>:
      The use of the vowel fatHa (or in English "a") simply refers to the participant as being the one receiving the "action" as opposed to the use of kasra (or "i" in English) which denotes the participant "doing" the action rather than receiving it.
    • 1999 July 24, Mr Mahdi <mrmahdi@aol.com>, “Re: Is God portrayed by "Pat" as cunning and deceptive?”, in talk.religion.bahai, Usenet[2], retrieved 2011-12-02, message-ID <19990724012234.13056.00000726@ng-ck1.aol.com>:
      The "B" letter has a fatHa vowel mark which makes it "Ba," the 'h" letter also has a fatHa vowel with an "alif" letter connected to it, so it is "haa" and the "hamza" (or you can call this is an "alif") has a kisra vowel mark and a "ya" letter connected to it which makes it "ee."
    • 2001 October 23, steve <whittet@shore.net>, “Re: Ocean names (was: origin of "collateral damage")”, in alt.usage.english,sci.lang, Usenet[3], retrieved 2011-12-02, message-ID <gaiB7.46$0N4.2472@news.shore.net>:
      In this case the spelling Qua'ran should present hamza without a carrier sitting on the line because the vowel of hamza is fatHa (a) and the preceding vowel is a a[sic] long uu (waaw)
    • 2003 April 18, Abdelkarim Benoit Evans <kevans@videotron.ca>, “Re: Advice to Jewish Mothers: Don't let your kids learn this”, in alt.religion.islam,soc.culture.usa,soc.culture.british,soc.culture.pakistan,soc.culture.mexican.american, Usenet[4], retrieved 2011-12-02, message-ID <kevans-6DC4C7.21475818042003@news.videotron.net>:
      I'm not sure why you have added an "a" at the end of jahannam or reduced to the first fatHa (a) to a kasra (e).