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From after +‎ world.


afterworld (plural afterworlds)

  1. A supposed world that is entered after death; the realm of the afterlife.
    • 1596, John Harington, Ulysses upon Ajax, London: Thomas Gubbins,[1]
      [] your bookes shall be out worne in your age I warrant you. Onelie if some surviue by the mercy of a friends Library, the after-world shall rather pittie your lost time, then commende your diligence.
    • 1773, James Swan, A Dissuasion to Great-Britain and the Colonies, from the Slave-Trade to Africa, Boston: J. Greenleaf, Revised and abridged edition, Preface, pp. viii-ix,[2]
      [] a person [] to whom, be who he may, I return my thanks in this public manner; hoping he will meet with a reward in some future day, or after world if he does not in this.
    • 1951, Herman Wouk, The Caine Mutiny, Boston: Little, Brown, 2013, Chapter 6,[3]
      I’m finished now, but the last word on my life rests with you. If you turn out well, I can still claim some kind of success in the afterworld, if there is one.
    • 1995, Kai Hansen, "Afterlife", Gamma Ray, Land of the Free.
      Do you believe in the afterworld / Or the afterlife?