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a- +‎ geotropic


ageotropic (not comparable)

  1. Upward; moving or bending away from the earth.
    • 2013, Seilesh Babu, Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist, →ISBN, page 279:
      This results in an ageotropic (away from ground) horizontal nystagmus, which is stronger in the left-ear-down position (excitatory position).
  2. Failing to show an expected or typical earthward direction.
    • 2013, Peter Davies, Plant Hormones: Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, →ISBN:
      Ageotropic growth is also displayed by shoots of 'lazy' mutants (e.g., ageotropica mutant of tomato and lazy mutants of rice, wheat, and maize), stolons or runners (e.g., strawberries), and underground stems or rhizomes (e.g. bamboos, quackgrass, and potato).