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Alternative forms[edit]


agri- +‎ food



agri-food (countable and uncountable, plural agri-foods)

  1. (chiefly Canada, also US and Ireland) the business of producing food agriculturally (as opposed to through hunting, fishing, gathering, and so on); food so produced
    • 1982, G. Bruce Doern, How Ottawa Spends Your Tax Dollars: National Policy and Economic Development, 1982, James Lorimer & Company, →ISBN, page 21,
      The Liberal statement does draw attention to its potential future agenda, namely, fisheries, forestry, agri-food, and mining, all resource-based sectors.
    • 2007, F. Scala, A. Raio, A. Zoina, and M. Lorito, "Biological Control of Fruit and Vegetable Diseases with Fungal and Bacterial Antagonists: Trichoderma and Agrobacterium", chapter 7 of S. B. Chincholkar and K. G. Mukerji (eds.), Biological Control of Plant Diseases, Haworth Press, →ISBN, page 177,
      Sales of organic products have increased dramatically in recent years (for instance, in Europe), and organic farming is the fastest-growing sector of agriculture and an important point in the EU agri-food policy.