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Alternative forms[edit]


agri- +‎ food



agri-food (countable and uncountable, plural agri-foods)

  1. (chiefly Canada, also US and Ireland) the business of producing food agriculturally (as opposed to through hunting, fishing, gathering, and so on); food so produced
    • 1982, G. Bruce Doern, How Ottawa Spends Your Tax Dollars: National Policy and Economic Development, 1982, James Lorimer & Company, ISBN 088862560X, page 21,
      The Liberal statement does draw attention to its potential future agenda, namely, fisheries, forestry, agri-food, and mining, all resource-based sectors.
    • 2007, F. Scala, A. Raio, A. Zoina, and M. Lorito, "Biological Control of Fruit and Vegetable Diseases with Fungal and Bacterial Antagonists: Trichoderma and Agrobacterium", chapter 7 of S. B. Chincholkar and K. G. Mukerji (eds.), Biological Control of Plant Diseases, Haworth Press, ISBN 1560223286, page 177,
      Sales of organic products have increased dramatically in recent years (for instance, in Europe), and organic farming is the fastest-growing sector of agriculture and an important point in the EU agri-food policy.