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Afrikaans cardinal numbers
 <  7 8 9  > 
    Cardinal : agt
    Ordinal : agtste

Alternative forms[edit]


From Dutch acht, from Middle Dutch achte, acht, from Old Dutch ahto, from Proto-Germanic *ahtōu, from Proto-Indo-European *oḱtṓw.



  1. (cardinal) eight

Usage notes[edit]

Although the alternative form, ag, is rarer than agt in isolation, it commonly replaces agt when the term following it starts with a consonant. This results in alternative forms existing for almost all compounds containing agt with the general rule being that the compounds without unnecessary consonant clusters are more common, e.g. agtien is more common than agttien, but agt-en-twintig is more common than ag-en-twintig.