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From aizmirs(t) ‎(to forget) +‎ -ība.




aizmirstība f (4th declension)

  1. oblivion (the fact, reality of forgetting; state in which many, perhaps all, people have forgotten something)
    nogrimt aizmirsībai — to fall, sink into oblivion
    nodot aizmirsībai — to put, give to oblivion (= to make it be forgotten)
    viņš nepazūd aizmirstībā — he didn't disappear in(to) oblivion
    katra diena ar jaunu aizmirstības segu pārsedza to, kas kādreiz bijis — every day again a blanket of oblivion covers that which one was
  2. oblivion, forgetfulness (a state in which one no longer remembers, no longer pays attention to one's surroundings)
    rast aizmirstību — to find oblivion
    cits meklē aizmirstību reibonī — other (people) look for oblivion in giddiness (= drinking)
    gribējās pavadīt šīs dienas it kā aizmirstība — one felt like spending this day as if in oblivion



Related terms[edit]