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From aiz- +‎ mirst (to forget) (q.v.), where mirst is now attested only dialectally. From a different ablaut form came aizmārša (forgetful person) (from *aizmarša) and related terms. Cognates include Lithuanian užmir̃šti, mir̃šti (to forget), maršùs (forgettable), Sanskrit मृष्यतॆ (mṝṣyate, to forget, to neglect), मृषा (mṝṣā, in vain, invalid, wrong), Old Armenian մոռանամ (moṙanam, I forget) (with corresponding to rs).[1]





  1. 3rd person singular present indicative form of aizmirst
  2. 3rd person plural present indicative form of aizmirst
  3. (with the particle lai) 3rd person singular imperative form of aizmirst
  4. (with the particle lai) 3rd person plural imperative form of aizmirst

aizmirst tr., 1st conj., pres. aizmirstu, aizmirsti, aizmirst, past aizmirsu

  1. (of data, facts) to forget (to let slip from memory, to remember no longer)
    aizmirst formuluto forget a formula
    aizmirst telefona numuruto forget a telephone number
    aizmirst dziesmai vārdusto forget the lyrics of a song
    ātri aizmirstto forget quickly
    viņš šo notikumu sen aizmirsishe has long forgotten this event
  2. (of objects) to leave (something, somewhere) inadvertently, to forget to take it along
    aizmirst lietussargu vilcienāto leave (inadvertently) one's umbrella in the train
    aizmirst grāmatu mājāsto leave (inadvertently) one's book home
  3. (of actions, duties) to forget (about), to not think about, to neglect
    aizmirst pateikt labdienuto forget to say good morning
    aizmirst nopirkt biļetito forget to buy the tickets
    aizmirst savus pienākumuto forget about one') obligations, duties
    viņš bija tik uztraucies, ka pat cepuri aizmirsa noņemt un apsveicināties ar mātihe was so excited that he even forgot to take off his hat and greet (his) mother
  4. (of experiences, events) to forget, to not pay attention anymore
    aizmirst sevito forget (about) oneself
    klausoties mūziku, viņa aizmirst visu citulistening to music, she forgets all else
    Mirdza nodevās meža burvībai un aizmirsa laikuMirdza went into the enchanted forest and forgot (about) time
    gluži noskumis, Klauss dodas uz bibliotēku, lai pie interesantas grāmatas aizmirstu savu vilšanosrather saddened, Klauss went to the library, in order to forget his disappointment with an interesting book
  5. (of activities) to forget (to lose the ability to do something)
    aizmirst spēlēt klavieresto forget (how to) play the piano
    aizmirst adīt zeķesto forget (how to) knit socks
    putni bija aptūkuši un, kā likās, pavisam aizmirsuši lidotthe birds were a little bloated and, it seemed, had completely forgotten (how to) fly



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