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Piódão, Portugal


From Old Portuguese aldeia, aldea, from Arabic اَلضَّيْعَة(aḍ-ḍayʿa, village). Cognate with Galician aldea, Asturian aldea, Mirandese aldé, Spanish aldea and Aragonese aldeya.



aldeia f (plural aldeias)

  1. village (small settlement)
    Synonyms: povoado, vila
    Coordinate terms: arraial, cidade
    • 1913, Fernando Pessoa, Ó sino da minha aldeia[1]:
      Ó sino da minha aldeia, / Dolente na tarde calma, / Cada tua badalada / Soa dentro da minha alma.
      Oh bell of my village, / Lazy in this peaceful afternoon, / Each one of your tollings / Resounds in my soul.
  2. (Brazil) in particular, a tribal village

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