all my eye

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all my eye (uncountable)

  1. (dated) rubbish, humbug
    • 1849 October, "The Green Hand--A 'Short' Yarn. Part V", in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, vol. LXVI, American ed., vol. XXIX no. 4, page 440,
      That 'ere talk o' yours, Harry, consarnin' dazarts and what not--why, bless me, it's all my eye,--....
    • 1883, Anthony Trollope, Mr. Scarborough's Family, chap. 25,
      "I suppose you mean to say that he has given orders that I am not to be admitted?"...
      "Oh, Mr. Harry, you shouldn't ask me, as is merely a servant."
      ..."That's all my eye, Matthew; you know all about it as well as any one. It is so. He does not want to see me."