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From Middle English allowable, alowable, a borrowing from Old French alouable (Modern French allouable), from allouer.


allowable (comparative more allowable, superlative most allowable)

  1. Appropriate; satisfactory; acceptable.
  2. Intellectually admissible; valid; probable.
  3. Able to be added or deducted in consideration of something.
  4. Permissible; tolerable; legitimate.
    • Sir Thomas Browne
      And first, although there were more things in nature then words which did expresse them, yet even in these mute and silent discourses, to expresse complexed significations, they took a liberty to compound and piece together creatures of allowable formes unto mixtures inexistent []
  5. (obsolete) Praiseworthy.


Derived terms[edit]


allowable (plural allowables)

  1. permitted amount or activity.