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aloha shirts
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Alternative forms[edit]


aloha shirt (plural aloha shirts)

  1. a collared shirt of a type originating in Hawaii, often brilliantly colored with floral or Polynesian patterns[1][2]
    • 1935, Travel[1], volume 76-77:
      At this election booth one of the officials wears the popular, brightly colored "aloha" shirt; the other a feather lei about his hat.
    • 1996 September, Mott, Patrick, “100% Cotton Prozac”, in Orange Coast, volume 22, number 9, ISSN 0279-0483, page 28:
      No Savile Row suit, no pure silk business ensemble, no costume of any sort, modern or ancient, can possibly beat the traditional aloha shirt for pure form-follows-function glory. Put on a real aloha shirt, with primary colors detonating all over the surface, and you couldn't hang on to a bummer of a mood if your sister was dating Saddam Hussein.
    • 1999 December 14, Stinnett, Robert B., Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor, New York: The Free Press, ISBN 9780743200370, page 83:
      Emanuel was proud of his image reflected in the glass—tropical blooms covered every inch of his short-sleeved aloha shirt in a busy design of Hawaiian hibiscus, poinsettia, and bougainvillea.
    • 2006 Spring, Arthur, Linda B., “The Aloha Shirt and Ethnicity in Hawai'i”, in Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture, volume 4, number 1, Berg Publishers, DOI:10.2752/147597506778052430, pages 8-34:
      The design motifs on the early 1930s aloha shirts were generally Japanese or Chinese and applied to the greige goods by roller printing in Japan.




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    In Hawai'i, the garment is always referred to as an aloha shirt, often spelled with a capital A. The practice may reflect an earlier time when the phrase “Aloha shirt” was protected under copyright. Outside the Islands the garment is commonly know as the Hawaiian shirt.