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amaroid +‎ -al


amaroidal (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Relating to an amaroid; bitter.
    • 1970, Indian Journal of Pharmacy, volume 32, page 15:
      In view of the fact that chirata belongs to the amaroidal class of drugs which are difficult to be standardised by other suitable chemical methods, the physiological evaluation through bitter value has been found to be useful.
    • 1997, Matthew Piepenburg, Time and the Maiden, page 9:
      Next, when the amaroidal sack would hit its mark, the two brats would run in a struggle against the chuckles in their lungs and the lactic acid in their legs.
    • 2016, Rachel Cohn, The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily, page 30:
      Along with the other million obligations overwhelming me at the moment, there was SAT study time, which left an amaroidal taste in my mouth.